Teamsaxo optional parts update for Xray T4 racing cars


vp pro vapon T4

Teamsaxo is releasing 2016 updated version of T4 Top Plate TS1128 and T4 Chassis TS01127 for Xray T4 racing cars, are all made for carbon fiber material with CNN finishing. The updated products not only make your car more flexing, maximum twisting for best performance, but also delicating car appearance! All aluminum 1.6mm Top Plate TS01132, special designed for T4&BD7 carpet , and is perfect matched with Aluminum chassis, worth you to have!

Teamsaxo also releasing new T4 Soft Chassis TS01130,it possess all the performances of TS01127, and is special designed for cars run on slippery ground,let you enjoy the car racing anytime!