Swiss Nationals Rd1 report


top 3 suisse nats

Race report by Patrick Fankhauser:

The first of 6 races of this year’s Swiss Nationals was held in Sitterdorf. After some wet training runs the track dried up just in time for the first of four qualifying runs.

After a solid first run with no errors, I placed third behind the NT1 Pilot Traugott Schär and Raphael Wicki. In that moment I knew that my car, had a good opportunity for a top finish. After all the qualifying runs, I still remained third behind the two. The first nine positions were all XRAY Pilots.

After a strong semi-final Raphael was able to take the pole position for the final.

The first three laps of the 30 minute A-Finals were somewhat unclear und confusing and were marked with accidents and incidents. Michael Schäfer who was in 7th place in the grid, used these mistakes to his advantage and fought his way up to the leading position. I caught up to him before the first fuel-stop and also was able to take advantage after a little mistake of him. At half time Raphael Wicki caught up to me and put me under a lot of pressure. But i was able to defend my Position to the end.

  1. Patrick Fankhauser XRAY NT1/Picco/RunnerTime/GalaxyTyres
  2. Raphael Wicki XRAY NT1/Picco/RunnerTime/GalaxyTyres
  3. Theo Giannakos Serpent/Picco
  4. Emanuele Fonzar XRAY NT1/Picco/ RunnerTime
  5. Marco Tanner V10 Pro 16
  6. Michael Schäfer XRAY NT1/Picco/RunnerTime/GalaxyTyres
  7. Donato Larocca Veloxv10
  8. Jakob Bühler XRAY NT1/Picco/RunnerTime/GalaxyTyres
  9. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1/Picco/RunnerTime/GalaxyTyres
  10. Maurice Lüscher XRAY NT1/RunnerTime