Le Mans Meeting Hudy Arena Announcement


Le Mans Meeting Hudy Arena 2016 teaser

XRAY are proud to announce the first inaugural race called “Le Mans Meeting Hudy Arena” which will take place on April, 30th 2016 at Hudy Arena Trencin outdoor track. The race registration is available here.

IC1/8 Veteran Tour

This is growing class based on veteran IC1/8 cars from eighties with Le Mans style body shells. The rules are quite free, but the basic rule is to run only 2WD model-cars. Since 2012 this series are attracting more and more drivers with wide range of old factory cars like Hudy, Serpent, SG, Graupner or home made cars with simple construction. It is the first time this series come to Slovakia. All the previous races were taken in Moravia or Bohemia with about 15-20 drivers on start. The main final race duration is 30 minutes, so we will see box stops with refueling and a lot of fun on the track.

ET 1/10 Le Mans Series

Another interesting series with a lot of sports cars on the track promises interesting endurance racing. Le Mans Series was founded in 2009 with more than 10 races per year. In this championship we can see several subclasses. The quickest LMP1 cars are pan cars called also Pro10. Everything is allowed as usual in Pro 10 modified class, but the power of the cars is limited by the endurance factor, because there are 6 final heats per 10 minutes each. It means, the car has to be able to run with its battery for 10 minutes, not 5 as it is usual. Moreover, there are 6 finals heats which are counted together. The winner is the driver with most laps after 60 minutes of the final heats. This is why we have endurance race, where not only high speed is the way to win. Another class LMP2 is limited by motor 10.5T and has to have a real looking body shell. It is allowed modern Le Mans body shells, but not “lola type” with extreme aerodynamic downforce (these are for LMP1). The width is limited to 200mm. In class GT we run motors 17.5T in zero boost mode and the body shell is strictly GT cars. Except these main classes there are also GT2 cars, which are limited by usage of Saturn 20T motors and gearing 1:7, also 4WD cars are allowed here. All classes are running together. After qualifications the drivers are split into finals A, B .., no matter which class it is, only the best lap is counted. But all drivers run against time, it means also driver in B final can be overall winner, if he is able to have more laps, than drivers in A final. Each class has its own ceremony with prices.

ET 1/10 Formula 1

This growing class will have an additional race. There is a motor limit to 17.5T in zero boost mode and rubber tires are only allowed, no foam. We will see also qualification based on best lap, so it will remind the real racing with adrenalin until the end of the second qualification. The race will consist from 4 final per 10 minutes, but only 3 best are counted. The driver with most laps is a winner. There will be special ceremony for drivers with 21.5T zero boost motor if there are at least 5 drivers.

The qualification and final races will be hold on Saturday April, 30th, but free paid practice will start on Friday since 13:00 on prepared clean track. Entry fee for all classes is 10 euro/300 czk and second class is 5 euro/150 czk. Everybody is welcomed to enjoy the best racing track widely. More info: troublerk@gmail.com and www.lemans-serie.cz

Le Mans Meeting Hudy Arena 2016