French Nats Rd1 report


podium stock

Race report by P. Delorme:

The race took place in Marmagne, near Bourges in France, the track was just amazing: big straight line and also many technical corners. Almost 90 drivers were present in 4 different categories: 1/10 TC Modified, Stock 10.5, Stock 13.5 and also 1/10 Formula 21.5. Some practices were on schedule Friday afternoon on a wet track because of the weather during the week and the long time the track need to get dry.

Saturday morning we had 5 practices with reseeding at the end. It was hard to find a good setup as the track conditions were always changing. The track got dry after 3 practices. I was 7th, I had only find the good setup after reseeding during lunch break.

Five runs of qualifications with two best rounds counted were planned to be 3 on Saturday on a dry track and 2 on Sunday on wet track because of the mini storm that hit this place during the night. Alexandre Duchet (XRAY) took the TQ and I get 2nd with one pole and a second place.

In finals I started from the second place and with easier to drive and faster car I passed Alexandre and could take win in A1 and A2. A3 was apocalyptic as rain came in in the middle of the final and drivers had to race with slick tires on wet track.

Overall stock A main final ranking:

  1. Delorme Pierre – XRAY
  2. Duchet Alexandre – XRAY
  3. Volta Richard – XRAY
  4. Bukowski Yohann – Team Magic
  5. Soulignac Arnaud – VBC
  6. Delaunay Romain – XRAY
  7. Delalondre Jeremy- XRAY
  8. Rascol Mathias – XRAY
  9. Favrelle Steeve – XRAY
  10. Kunkler Alexandre – XRAY

podium f1

In Formula one Jeremy Limoges TQed and won with a very fast car, he also made the lap record.

Formula One A main final ranking:

  1. Limoges Jeremy – XRAY
  2. Mantrand Ghislain – Yokomo
  3. Moysan David – XRAY
  4. Voisangrin Wily – XRAY
  5. Teyssier Mathieu – XRAY
  6. Duvaitour Frederic – XRAY
  7. Daumas Frederic – XRAY
  8. Bening Olivier – VBC
  9. Becet Herve – XRAY
  10. Bukowski Yohann – Team Magic

podium mod

In modified, Loic Jasmin win A1 and A2. Like in stock last final was on a wet track and with an A3 win Maxime Favrelle climb on the podium at the 2nd spot.

Modified A main overall ranking:

  1. Jasmin Loic – Yokomo
  2. Favrelle Maxime – XRAY
  3. Vigneron Thomas – Team Magic
  4. Urbain Lucas – VBC
  5. N’Diaye Cyril – Team Magic
  6. Laurent Alexandre – XRAY
  7. Callens Remi – Team Magic
  8. Ellaume Alexandre – XRAY
  9. Limoges Jeremy – XRAY
  10. Ragaut Hugo – XRAY