Azri Amri wins Malaysia National Rd2


podium mod National Rd2

The round 2 of the Malaysia National (MNC) Round 2, the most exciting event in Malaysia was held at the Kota Raja Track with the total of 80 racers from around Malaysia. In Modified class Azri Amri takes the TQ and the win, following by young talented racer Adik Haikal 13 years old and Michael Lim grabs the 3rd position.

Top 10 Modified Class Result:

  1. Azri Amri (TQ) – XRAY
  2. Adik Haikal – XRAY
  3. Michael Lim – XRAY
  4. Roslan KR – XRAY
  5. Michael Lo
  6. Kris Slawinski – XRAY
  7. Jade Lim
  8. Illiyas Rabani – XRAY
  9. Asmad
  10. Bean Lee