Paul Lemieux wins at Canadian On Road Nats



The Annual 2016 Canadian On road Nationals were held last weekend at the Seaway Mall in Welland Ontario Canada. Part of what makes this race special is that it is held center court in a shopping mall which brings high-end RC Racing to thousands of spectators. The event was full of excitement on and off the track. This year was bigger than ever with well over 300 entries, drivers from all over North America were in attendance representing many brands.


In the showcase class (Mod TC) it was team Xray driver Paul Lemieux who would ultimately TQ over Kevin Hebert and Andrew Hardman. In the final it was Lemieux who would lead tone to tone but was not unchallenged with Andrew Hardmann in striking distance the entire race and finishing a very close second, Blake bell would put in a solid drive to round out the podium. Here are the results.

Touring Mod

  1. Paul Lemieux   XRAY
  2. Andrew Hardman Yokomo
  3. Blake Bell        XRAY
  4. Martin Crisp     Yokomo
  5. Kevin Hebert    Associated
  6. Lou Vanderwey      ARC
  7. Adam Hutchinson  Associated
  8. Pete Elphinstone Jr  XRAY
  9. Ryan Rice                XRAY
  10. Dave Locke          XRAY

Touring stock  A-Main

  1. Dave Johnson  XRAY
  2. Gordie Tam     Awesomatix
  3. Alex Fournier  Awesomatix
  4. Rob Say           XRAY
  5. Adam Hutchison  Associated
  6. Daniel Mills       VBC
  7. Pete Elphinstone Jr  XRAY
  8. Kevin Morin              XRAY
  9. Lou Vanderwey     ARC
  10. Jeff Dayger          Serpent


  1. Dave Johnson   XRAY
  2. Rob Say        XRAY
  3. Alex Fournier   Awesomatix
  4. Pete Elphinstone Jr  XRAY
  5. Carlo Roman          XRAY
  6. Kevin Morin          XRAY
  7. Robert Brandow   XRAY
  8. Adam Hutchison  Associated
  9. Alexandre Chyssikos ?
  10. Bryan Wynn    Tombstone

Touring Super Stock

  1. Daniel Mills      VBC
  2. Rob Say      XRAY
  3. Gordie Tam   Awesomatix
  4. Stewy        Tombstone
  5. Mark Frechette Tombstone
  6. Francis Lee       Yokomo
  7. Dave Locke       XRAY
  8. Luke Pitman   XRAY
  9. Jim Huppunen Tombstone
  10. Bazzer          Tombstone

World GTR

  1. Jeff Dayger    CRC
  2. Brain Wynn    CRC
  3. Adam Balk     CRC
  4. Daniel Therrien  CRC
  5. Wayne Penfold  CRC
  6. Brandon Marshall  XRAY
  7. Jason Antler CRC
  8. Mark West   CRC
  9. Mike BortolinCRC
  10. Peter Dardarian   Dard 2.0

12th Scale Stock

  1. Jeff Dayger CRC
  2. Brain Wynn CRC
  3. Alex Fournier  CRC
  4. Blake Bell   XRAY
  5. Martin Lecuyer XRAY
  6. Lou Vanderwey  CRC
  7. Adam Balk     CRC
  8. David Lecuyer  CRC
  9. Carlo Roman    CRC
  10. Dimitri Condax CRC

12th Scale Super Stock

  1. Kevin Hebert  Associated
  2. Jeff Dayger   CRC
  3. Brian Wynn  CRC
  4. Blake Bell    XRAY
  5. David Lecuyer CRC
  6. Dimitri Conday XRAY
  7. Adam Balk   CRC
  8. Luke Pitman XRAY
  9. JB Catracala  CRC
  10. Martin Lecuyer CRC

Mini Sport

  1. Franky Chan Tamiya
  2. Gordie Tam  Tamiya
  3. Conner Porterfield Tamiya
  4. Tyler Palmer   Tamiya
  5. Rami Zein      Tamiya
  6. Richard Savaria Tamiya
  7. Jason Antler  Tamiya
  8. George Nussey Tamiya