BRCA 1/12 final round report


v_podium 10_5

Race report from Olly Jefferies:

The final round of the 2016 BRCA 1/12 championship took place and the MB raceway. This is a new venue for the championship and it didn’t disappoint. ¬†Michael Ball and his team have done a fantastic job creating the venue which all the racers enjoyed.


In the 10.5 class my car worked great from practice, I was able to take TQ in every round of qualifying to line up on pole from David Spashett and my team mate Alexander Hagberg. The final went perfect, I was able to pull a gap in the first few laps then control my pace to the end to ensure I didn’t make any mistakes. The win was enough for me to secure the 10.5 championship with a perfect score. With only be able to compete at enough rounds to count this winter I couldn’t afford any errors. Unfortunately my team mate Alex had a DNF so wasn’t able to make it two XRAY cars on the podium.

v_action 03


In the modified class I was in the same position as with stock, with no drop scores I needed to either win or be second to take the overall championship. The day started well, fastest in the first three rounds of qualifying. The final qualifying round was going well, myself and Alex were trading top spot during the run until an accident meant I lost out. Alex would take TQ by around half a second. The final didn’t go to plan, before the start I had an electrical problem which meant I only just made the start, around two minutes into the final the problem reoccurred forcing me to retire due to losing steering. The accident I had in the last qualifying round now lead me to think the problem had already started but I thought I just got caught out on a bump so didn’t investigate any further. This was a real shame as with no other scores it meant I lost out on the championship. My team Alex took the win for XRAY which was great. ¬†Congratulations to David Spashett who was crowned open champion.

Marcus Askell had a great campaign also making the top ten in both classes with his XRAY x12.

Even though the result wasn’t what I wanted it was still a great weekend. I learnt a lot and feel I’m in a good position heading into the European Championships next week.

10.5 Saturday

  1. Olly Jefferies XRAY
  2. David Spashett zen
  3. Adam Catchpole zen
  4. Chris Kerswell rosche
  5. Mark Stiles yokomo
  6. Marcus Askell XRAY
  7. Tim Wood serpent
  8. Jim Spencer
  9. Andy Murray
  10. Alexander Hagberg XRAY

v_podium mod-1

Mod Sunday

  1. Alexander Hagberg XRAY
  2. Adam Catchpole zen
  3. Chris Kerswell rosche
  4. David Spashett zen
  5. Mark Stiles yokomo
  6. Andy Murray
  7. Olly Jefferies XRAY
  8. Marcus Askell XRAY