BRCA 1/10th Nitro Rd1 report


BRCA 1-10th Nitro Rd11

Race report from Mark Green:

First race of the year at the Fantastic Wombwell Raceway which is a real drivers track its more like the Monaco of Rc tracks, Always low grip and lots cambers and undulations make for a hard track to go fast. This is also the 1st for some of my new sponsors XRD Ftline engines and Matrix tyres, also new for the Serpent s748 TQ was Big Bore shocks ( from the Eryx 411 4.0 ) these are definitely a good option really smooth and more consistent over the std shocks (will be sold as optionals with new shocktowers soon).

The weather was cold but dry so i was able to find a good set up for this very demanding track which gave me TQ, along with my Serpent we had my team mates Alex Thurston and Jonh Zottl. The 30 min final was going to be hard due to the high tyre wear so smooth driving was the order of the day. The car felt great in the warm up and I was able to take a easy tone to tone win.

200mm Nitro:

  1. Mark Green, Serpent 748 TQ – XRD Powered
  2. Joe Kerry, Capricorn – OS
  3. Alex Thurston, Serpent 748 TQ – Max

220mm GT Nitro:

  1. Glyn Beal, Serpent 748 TQ – Picco
  2. Peter Hellawell, Serpent 748
  3. Devendra Mahatme, Shepherd

BRCA 1-10th Nitro Rd12

1/8th GT Nitro:

  1. Glyn Beal, 811 Cobra GT – Picco
  2. Scott Hellawell, Cobra GT
  3. Paul Drewsnap