XRAY X-Race Italy report


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So here we are at the best Italian race event – The XRAY X-race. Also this year as happened in the past has been chosen the system and the excellent organization of the team Gang in Scandiano (RE) to host it. More than 100 competitors entered there are very proud to collect all these accessions dealing of a single brand. The race was held in two days open to 5 categories: X12 , X10 , X1 , T4 Stock 13.5 , T4 Modify . On Saturday dedicated to the heats of controlled tests in the morning and the first 3 qualifying sessions in the afternoon. Sunday was shared with the 2 remaining qualifying sessions and final 3 for each category. All pilots have understood the spirit of the race and so everything went smoothly!

Bruno: “This weekend was so much fun. Normally we have so much pressure during the races that we don’t have the freedom to just relax and enjoy driving and met people, and fortunately I was able to do that in this weekend. We’ve met around 100 XRAY drivers that joined the race not with the propose to “win” but to have fun with each other, to learn and really just enjoy the race with longtime friends. And it was so awesome to see the happiness of the people around the track. It was really fun.”

These results after the qualifying phases:


  1. Alessio Mota
  2. Jan Ratheisky
  3. Davide Bertolino
  4. Alessandro Rampini
  5. Claudio Brandi
  6. Nicola Marrone
  7. Mario Neri
  8. Enrico Avoni

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  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Cristiano Ciarlone
  3. Nicolo Grisenti
  4. Andrea Selva
  5. Giampiero Ferri
  6. Luca Isola
  7. Michele Piluzza
  8. Marco Pavarelli
  9. Marco Dal Panta
  10. Nicola Aldrovandi

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  1. Guido Barbera
  2. JanRatheisky
  3. Simone Brocca
  4. Martin Hudy
  5. Davide Rabitti
  6. Simone Palmonari
  7. Davide Carbone
  8. Massimiliano Mossa
  9. Maurizio Materassi
  10. Valerio Solca

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Categoria T4 Stock 13.5:

  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Davide Bertuzzi
  3. Andrea Valerio
  4. Andrea Ghilotti
  5. Davide Rabitti
  6. Luca Giovannoni
  7. Roberto Fabiano
  8. Nicola Fornasari
  9. Luca Baronchelli
  10. Emanuele Agnoletti

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T4 Modify:

  1. Coelho Bruno
  2. Marco Kaufmann
  3. Martin Hudy
  4. Jan Ratheisky
  5. Fabrizio Manicardi
  6. Luca Torreggiani
  7. Guido Ristori
  8. Marco Baruffolo
  9. Giuseppe de Liguori
  10. Federico Milanese

This year, the Saturday at X-Race changes with a fantastic aperitif at the track related with prize ceremony giving, eating all together and having fun. Bruno and Martin in tandem with Francesco have entertained all participant. XRAY Italy has made available more than 70 awards, from T4 to X12, from HUDY bags to HUDY accessories…

Sunday’s great battles on the track in all categories! In F1 Guido Barbera beats Simon Pitcher Guncotton, while in stock Jan Ratheisky precedes the young Andrea Ghilotti and Andrea Valerio. Especially in the category T4 Modify the two official XRAY drivers Bruno Coelho and Marco Kaufmann have given show ending a few centimeters all final.

These are the results of the finals:


  1. Alessio Mota
  2. JanRatheisky
  3. Alessandro Rampini
  4. Claudio Brandi
  5. Davide Bertolino
  6. Enrico Avoni
  7. Nicola Marrone
  8. Marco Neri


  1. JanRatheisky
  2. Nicol Grisenti
  3. Andrea Selva
  4. Cristiano Ciarlone
  5. Giampiero Ferri
  6. Michele Piluzza
  7. Marco Pavarelli
  8. Luca Isola
  9. Marco Del Panta


  1. Guido Barbera
  2. Simone Brocca
  3. Martin Hudy
  4. Davide Rabitti
  5. Jan Ratheisky
  6. Davide Carbone
  7. Massimiliano Mossa
  8. Simone Palmonari
  9. Valerio Solca
  10. Maurizio Materassi

T4 Stock 13.5:

  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Andrea Ghilotti
  3. Andrea Valerio
  4. Davide Bertuzzi
  5. Nicola Fornasari
  6. Davide Rabitti
  7. Luca Baronchelli
  8. Luca Giovannoni
  9. Roberto Fabiano
  10. Emanuele Agnoletti

T4 Modify:

  1. Bruno Coelho
  2. Marco Kaufmann
  3. Martin Hudy
  4. JanRatheisky
  5. Guido Ristori
  6. Fabrizio Manicardi
  7. Federico Milanese
  8. Luca Torreggiani
  9. Marco Baruffolo
  10. Giuseppe de Liguori

Bruno: “I’m really grateful to be part of this great team, thank you to everybody that drop by to encourage me with such kind words and support. I really hope to have more races like this soon.

A special thanks to: Martin Hudy, Francesco Martini, Fabio Domani, David Carbone & all participants.

Thank you for the great work you guys are doing for XRAY, it’s amazing to see how people love XRAY and are proud to be a part of this great family.”