Nicholas Lee wins at Singapore’s Urban Touring Series Rd4



Round 4 of Singapore’s Urban Touring Series was held at the city-centre circuit of Urban PlaySpace this past weekend. This event was once again a concurrent points scoring round for Singapore national EP on-road series. With most of Singapore’s top racers in attendance, the event promised to be super-competitive in both the Open and 17.5T Non-Boosted Classes.

In TC Open class the first TQ went to Nicholas. Dominic Quek TQed the 3rd round. A short rain shower halted proceedings just before round 4 of qualifying was to get underway. Following the rain delay, round 4 would see slower lap times. Dominic Quek would once again TQ the round and tie Nicholas Lee on points. Thanks his faster TQ results, Nicholas would confirm his TQ for the class and start on pole for the finals. Dominic would lock down a P2 start, with Colin Tong starting in P3.

Results of Qualifying – TC Open Class

  1. Nicholas Lee 310pts Yokomo BD7 2016 (27/5:09.341)
  2. Dominic Quek 310pts XRAY T4 2016 (26/5:02.351)
  3. Colin Tong 306pts XRAY T4 2016
  4. Nelson Lee 305pts Yokomo BD7 2016
  5. Esmail Apandi 303pts Awesomatix A800
  6. YS Heng 303pts Yokomo BD7 2016
  7. Eugene Goh 301pts Yokomo BD7 2016
  8. Hasron Robana 297pts Xray T4 2016

In the finals, Nicholas ran a perfect race to take an easy Leg 1 win. After a clean start running in 2nd, Dominic went sideways on one of the turns dropping to 5th. Nelson capitalized on a racing incident between Dominic and Esmail to rush through into 2nd, a position he would defend to the end. Dominic ended up 3rd in Leg 1. In Leg 2, Nicholas would be hard pushed by Dominic at the start, but Nicholas was able to win, and with that the overall victory for the second race in a row. Dominic would end up 2nd, one-lap up on YS Heng in 3rd. With Nicholas sitting out Leg 3, the battle for the remaining podium spots would play out in the last final. Leading from the start, Dominic ran a mistake-free race to take the win and secure overall second. Colin Tong finished second, in front of the hard charging YS Heng. With the points tabulated, it would be Nelson Lee who would edge out YS Heng for the final podium spot on a tie-break.

Final Results – TC Open Class

  1. Nicholas Lee Yokomo BD7 2016
  2. Dominic Quek XRAY T4 2016
  3. Nelson Lee Yokomo BD7 2016
  4. YS Heng Yokomo BD7 2016
  5. Colin Tong XRAY T4 2016
  6. Esmail Apandi Awesomatix A800
  7. Eugene Goh Yokomo BD7 2016
  8. Jonathan Ho Yokomo BD7 2016