German Championship 1/12 report


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Race report from Jacques Libar

Last weekend the German championship in 1/12 scale was held at the SLR Ingolstadt in south Germany. On Saturday everybody got 2 rounds of practice followed by 5 qualification rounds. The track looked quite fast. For me it was the first time to attend this track that we drove clock wise, for me it was the first time to run clock wise so I thought it will be a problem but it was quite easy. I started in the stock class with 10,5T motors. The car felt very good so I changed nothing for the first qualy round. Only a body change, which sat a little bit more to the rear, gives the car a better in corner steering, less aggressive. In the first qualy round I managed to make a 4th place. The field was quite fast, so one mistake and you lost many places. I decides for the second round to change the rollout a little. I got more speed on the straight but missed some corners so I decided to go back to my starting setup. In the next 3 qualy rounds I stayed on the same setup and made for the final an A-main starting from P4. My team mate Stefan Schulz got bad luck in the practice round so he was in a very bad qualy group. He made the best of it and managed also to start in the A-main from P7.

Qualy results for 1/12 stock class A-Main:

  1. Robert Klier
  2. Kai Altmann
  3. Jan Dietmar
  4. Jacques Libar – XRAY X12’16
  5. Thomas Krause – XRAY X12’15
  6. Christian Landinger
  7. Stefan Schulz – XRAY X12’16
  8. Dai Sakaguchi
  9. Armin Bauer – XRAY X12’15
  10. Bernd Wiesenberger

On Sunday was one qualy left but there were no big change from the top 10 driver of Saturday. So the finals started. In the first A-main I won one place and ended on P3. Stefan got a very good start and ended on P4, he had a massive speed and it would be difficult to let him behind me. On F2 I managed to end on P3 again but this time Stefan managed to make a 2nd place quite impressive, I had no chance against him. In the last final it would be very interesting Stefan and I had the same points so one of us would be on the podium. I had a lot of trouble at the start but Stefan made again a good start and was on P3. After a mistake I had to fight from the 10 to 5 again it was important that I ended in front of Jan Dietmar to secure a podium. And I finally made it on podium and secured the third position, Stefan who had impressive and very fast finals got 2nd position and so he got vice-champion. I couldn’t defend my vice-champion title but the third position was also ok in a field of 70 pilots only in Stock class.

Final results for 1/12 stock class A-Main:

  1. Robert Klier
  2. Stefan Schulz – Xray  X12’16
  3. Jacques Libar – Xray  X12’16
  4. Jan Dietmar
  5. Dai Sakaguchi
  6. Kai Altmann
  7. Thomas Krause – Xray X12’15
  8. Bernd Wiesenberger
  9. Armin Bauer – Xray  X12’15
  10. Christian Landinger

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Final results 1/12 modified class A-main results:

  1. Markus Mobers
  2. Dionys Stadler – XRAY X12
  3. Daniel Sieber
  4. Tim Altmann
  5. Stefan Mraz – XRAY X12

Best Junior driver: Antonius Theofilou – Xray