XRAY TORC Series Opening round report


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Race report from Mustafa Alp:

XRAY TORC Opening Round was held on 12-13 March in Team Ncrc Arena located in Lefkoşa, Cyprus. I arrived at the track one day earlier to test some different setups together with Umut and Ahmet. Some stuff worked and some did not and we concluded to a mostly same setup with the team. On first day of the race, practices and qualis went well and after final qualifier on Sunday morning, I was able to lock TQ in front of Adnan and Ahmet. Adnan showed great skills in his debut race with T4 16, and I felt some pressure from the young couple in qualis. In A1, I took a convincing victory lapping the entire field, as Ahmet and Adnan had an incident in the beginning of the race. In second final, Adnan was much closer to me in the first part of the race, and I lost the lead only to regain it after small mistake by him on the same lap. Then I took control and brought home the victory.

One of the highlights of the race were young drivers from Izmir Efmod club, Ata and Poyraz. They showed great potential at their first race, and for sure they will be super-fast in near future with correct guidance. Congratulations to all my team mates and friends, for their great performance.

T4 Modified:

  1. Niyazi Deniz- T4 2016
  2. Aktuğ Kalçay- T4 2016
  3. Mehmet Tabak- T4 2015
  4. Nevzat Uluç-T4 2015
  5. Sertaç Yalım-T4 2015
  6. Nidai Kordal-3R Sakura
  7. Behzat Beysun-T4 2014

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  1. Mustafa Alp-T4 2016
  2. Adnan Kanat-T4 2016
  3. Niyazi Deniz-T4 2016
  4. Ahmet Kasap-T4 2016
  5. Yiğit Gündoğdu-T4 2015
  6. Umut Öztümen-T4 2016
  7. Aktuğ Kalçay-T4 2016
  8. Kağan Aydın- Yokomo bd7 2016
  9. Murat Yazıcı-T4 2015
  10. Kayhan Ketenci-T4 2015

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See you next race in R2 at Bumod Bursa.