2016 Tasmanian State Titles report


016 Tasmanian State Titles winners

Report from Brady Anthes:

The days leading into this event were spent building the car ready for the event, as this was my first event with an F1/Pan, the car was built very close to kit specifications. Practice time was very low with just 3 hours total over the 2 days. Track details:

  • Goodwood Model Park (STMCC)
  • Medium bite, painted asphalt surface.
  • Technical layout

016 Tasmanian State Titles track


2 hours open practice were available in the morning to get a feel for the car, straight away it was apparent the car had ample rear grip although the car’s ride height was too low and the car was lacking overall front grip. The first change was to swap out the front arm shims to 0.5mm and raise the rear to a 1.5 insert. This felt better but as the car picked up front grip we started to loose rear grip, we decided to test the 16’ style rear wing, made the car very stable under braking and much easier to drive.

Throughout the qualifiers it was very busy and not many changes were made, the car was very fast in all racing with only my own driving and making mistakes changing the position outcomes, after 5 rounds we came out with the TQ for the class.


In the 1hour practice before racing we set out to again find more low speed steering, an issue was found with the wrong grease being used in the ball diff build, that was changed from clear to black and was also loosened as it was found to be a little too tight, the car changed dramatically with perfect high speed balance along with improved low steering. After 2 rounds off finals we won both so far and decided to change the front wing setup to the High downforce setting, it add the car undrivable through high speed corners and only slightly better for low speed, although still managed the win.

For the last 2 finals the front wing was set to the medium setting and gave the perfect balance in both low and high speed corners regardless off track temperate. The last racing was very challenging with a screw in the rear wing coming loose and rubbing back and forth on both rear tyres, even with this issue the car still put in a fastest lap off race as well as taking the final win!


  1. Brady Anthes (Xray X1)
  2. Lee Harvey (Xray X1)
  3. David Rush (FGX104)
  4. Kim Dare (Lightning FX VBC)
  5. Adrian Gray (TOP Rebel R-F01)
  6. Leo Lorenzen (Xray X1)
  7. Shane Winter (FGX104)
  8. Scott Minehan (TOP Rebel R-F01)
  9. John Batich (Street Jam SJF01)