Rajdus, Šimurda and Havránek win at Hufnagl Ice Trophy 117


v_podium x1

Last round of HIT 2015/2016 winter racing series came right on the beginning of March in Czech Republic. Over 80 entries promised interesting show on the racing track, which was traditionally located in Holešov´s sports hall.

Stock became the most attended class as usually. Even though Oliver Havránek was expected to win this class clearly, twenty five drivers still wanted to reach victory. Modified was another well crowded class with 18 drivers on the starting grid. Other groups disposed with around 10 participants.
Track built on ETS carpet was ready to hit since Saturday´s early morning. Particularly it opened at half past six AM. So that nothing could prevent drivers from first round of their individual practice.

As it was a last race of season, final ceremony announcing the most successful drivers could not be missed. Prizes were really motivating. Participants could see them behind timekeeper´s table. However those were just for the bests. And organizers needed to estimate everybody somehow. So they came up with a nice idea of giving a special car sack with printed Logo of HIT series to all drivers who attended at least three races. And now follow what happened on the racing track. This time it combined fast passages with narrow curves what was really attractive even for Stock&Hobby class drivers.

Hobby: Aleš Svoboda lost his pace at the end and gave up his position to Radko Černohous, who claimed his talent again and brought his first victory home. Second place suited well for Ondřej Pernický and TQman Aleš Svoboda finally finished third.

LeMans: Ivo Kavánek beat Michal Jindra and crowned his performance with tone to tone victory. Jan Kupský moved up right onto the second spot and Michal Jindra completed the TOP3.
Formula: Tomáš Rajdus just proves fact, that he´s always coming from the cradle of 2WD racing in Czecg Republic – eastern Moravia. His flawless drive was fast enough to let Tomáš Brodský watching only his back. Also Lukáš Hoch getting third position as a reward for his try did very well that day. A few well-known names finished behind him.

Formula Top 5:

  1. Tomáš Rajdus (Xray X1)
  2. Tomáš Brodský (Custom)
  3. Lukáš Hoch (Xray X1)
  4. Václav Sauer (Yokomo YRF)
  5. Světlin Douhlevski (Xray X1)

Race Truck: Leoš Zádrapa gave chance to nobody and led his black&green beauty lap by lap closer to overall victory. Tomáš Brodský and Ivo Kavánek were struggling hard for the second spot. At the end Tomáš was not that lucky to hold better position and finished third. Ivo moved himself up that way and could celebrate his second position.

v_podium 12th

1/12: Fastest class of racing day was controlled by Kuba Šimurda. Despite his fifth position on starting grip he reached clear victory. Very nice run was proved also by Radim Hruška on second spot, who was sometimes able to hold Kuba´s pace. Third position came to Roman Krejčí, who finally found a good setup for his racing special made by Corally.

1/12 Top 5:

  1. Kuba Šimurda (Xray X12)
  2. Radim Hruška (Xray X12)
  3. Roman Krejčí (Corally)
  4. Roman Bílek (Xray X12)
  5. Martin Zavadil (Xray X12)

v_podium stock

Stock: As expected, most crowded class´s victory was chased by Oliver Havránek. This rocket coming from Slovakia was much faster than drivers behind so that target wasn´t missed anymore. Karel Kratochvíl thanks to successful last heat reached second place and finished HIT series very well. Matěj Bábovský completed the podium. Martin Kratochvíl reached the fourth spot and finally fifth place remained for another Slovakian guest Tona Sloboda, who noticed some drawdown after qualification.

Stock Top 10:

  1. Oliver Havránek (Xray T4)
  2. Karel Kratochvíl (Xray T4)
  3. Matěj Bábovský (Xray T4)
  4. Martin Kratochvíl (Xray T4)
  5. Tono Sloboda (Xray T4)
  6. Filip Rajdus (Xray T4)
  7. Luděk Maléř (Xray T4)
  8. Martin Bábovský st. (Yokomo BD7)
  9. David Měšťan (Xray T4)
  10. Pavel Dostál (Xray T4)

v_podium open

Open: Last but not the least let´s what was the Open class like. As in Stock also here winner was known even after first two finals. Kuba Šimurda repeated his performance from 1/12 class reaching positions 1-1-10 secured victory for himself. Fight for the second was thrilling until the last final heat, where Ludvík Kurečka set very strong pace and took tone-to-tone victory giving. So that he reached mentioned second place overall. Oliver Havránek chased Ludvík for more than half of the race, but two minutes before ending tone made a few mistakes costing him current place. Finally he had to satisfy himself with third spot. Fourth place came to Radek Voda, who did not repeat his excellent performance from qualification. On the other hand Karel Kratochvíl proved some move up through the racing field as he finished fifth.

Open Top 10:

  1. Kuba Šimurda (Xray T4)
  2. Ludvík Kurečka (Xray T4)
  3. Oliver Havránek (Xray T4)
  4. Radek Voda (Xray T4)
  5. Karel Kratochvíl (Xray T4)
  6. Pavel Novotný (Xray T4)
  7. Pavel Martinec (Xray T4)
  8. Ladislav Lebánek (Xray T4)
  9. Martin Bábovský st. (Xray T4)
  10. Martin Kratochvíl (Xray T4)

Last race of HIT winter racing series is behind us. As mentioned, there was very nice ceremony prepared for drivers to announce best ones from this individual race and from the whole season also.
Now remains nothing but to send a big „Thank you“ to organizers for another one from long line of great competitions and to hope that next year we´re going to meet in Holešov again.