Victor Pelaez wins Spanish Nitro Touring Nationals Rd1


Spanish Nitro Touring Nationals Rd1

Last weekend was held at the Almussafes track the first round of the Spanish Nitro Touring Nationals with some new rules as relocation and the SuperPole. After the qualifying Sergi Franch took the Pole Position, Serpent drivers Nacho Lopez and Victor Pelaez third and fourth respectively. Both will contest the Super Pole with Johnny Pastor, Victor Pelaez getting the fast lap gave the last direct place for the main. After the dispute of the semifinals three Serpent drivers more got place in the main. Nacho Lopez won his semifinal with Jose Antonio Aldudo in third. In the second semifinal Cristian Lopez also won a place for the main

A main.

Victor Pelaez won the main, after a great struggle in the first few minutes with four drivers very close together. Nacho Lopez had an engine stop, being relegated to intermediate positions, coming back reached the fifth position. Jose Antonio Aldudo in a great race ended in fourth place, Chistian Lopez was seventh. With four drivers Serpent was the brand most represented in the Main

B main. 

For the Main B we have five drivers Serpent. Jonathan Carrillo finishing in second place and third Miguel Puchal. Agustin Rodriguez finish fourth, Jorge Nuñez sixth and Antonio Gonzalez seventh.


Jose Luis Sanchez won, completing an excellent weekend for the Serpent drivers.