Portuguese 1/10 on-road Nationals Rd1 report


v_podium nt1

Report from Carlos Manuel:

Last weekend the opening race of the national championship took place at Armaia track, Portugal in very windy and rainy conditions. XRAY drivers participated in 1/10 Nitro class, 1/10 Formula, 1/10 TC and 1/8 onroad.

In the morning I had an unlucky 1st quali, as this was the second time I drove with the car, a screw on the brake went off, making me without brakes at the end of the quali. 2nd quali went good I was very confident with my car and I never had a car that drove so well with the conditions that took off. We didn’t run the 3rd qualification because of rain. TQ went to my team mate Pedro Grandão
In the evening the track was dry and the finals took off, I started from 5th place, and with a bad start I drop down to last place, but in 2 laps I was already in 2nd place behind Pedro, as the 1st pit stop came, I passed him, but my brake screw went off again, this time I couldn’t stop and I had to make it until the end, but what surprises me is that the car was so good that I didn’t really need the brakes that much.

The final went off and I stayed in 1st place until the end of it and my motor in the last lap at the end of the straight broke, ending with 59 laps and 19 minutes (this was an open so we did 20 minutes final before it started to rain again)

1/10 200mm results:

  1. Carlos Manuel (xray nt1’15)
  2. Pedro Grandão (xray nt1’15)
  3. Tomás Andrade (xray nt1’14)
  4. Franco Vilarinho
  5. Pedro igreja (xray nt1’14)
  6. Filipe pinheiro