Chanyasak, Tang & Ingwetwongsa sign with TWT



After the signing from the former WC J.Groskamp, TWT have signed 3 more Asian top driver for the 2016/17 seasons:

  • Araya Ingwetwongsa from Thailand, TITC 13.5 T boost winner 2014.
  • PY Tang from Singapore, TITC 13.5 T boost Winner 2015.
  • Paphon Chanyasak from Thailand, TITC 13.5 T boost Winner.

“We are very happy that our TWT drivers family is so great. We have 3 World champ and 3 TITC champ who like our All-in-one Setup board set. All the driver very happy with our quality products and their design. Araya has his own Edition board and PY Tang also. For the 2016 championship, we will as soon as possible released a separate setup board edition.”

Paphon Chanyasak Araya Ingwetwongsa