XRAY Winter Series Slovenia Rd4 report


v_podium Stock_A-main_race

Final race of XRAY Winter Series was held last weekend at the beautiful indoor track located in Medeuzza in Italy. Track has ETS like carpet, so grip level is sufficient. We had 3 classes and drivers were from different countries…Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. As always in this series, competition was very strong in every single racing category. We were expecting tight battle for overall winner in Stock and F1 class, because winner still wasn’t decided.

As usual we had seeding practice first thing on Sunday morning, where it was Alojzij Osvald that took best qualifying position in Stock, Nejc Marcic in F1 and Jernej Vuga Stendler in 1:12 Pan Car. Qualifications followed shortly after, where in stock class Jan Popic took TQ position, followed by Alojzij Osvald and Rok Rudl.

Matevz Homar was the one to grasp on TQ in F1 class, in front of Andrej Grebenc and Borut Svoljsak.
Last but not least, it was Pan Car category, where Jernej Vuga claimed TQ position, Nejc Mihelic and Simone Bellin followed shortly after.

During the lunch break, organizers have offered warm meals (pasta, meat…) at the trackside so drivers weren’t hungry. After the break, it was time for our Finals.

We were able to see some really tight and equal racing in Stock “A” Main, first 5 drivers were really close together, with Jan Popic and Alojzij Osvald very slightly in front, leading the pack. After 3 final rounds, race result was following:

A Main:

  1. Jan Popic – XRAY
  2. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY
  3. Dario Veseli – XRAY
  4. Rok rudl – XRAY
  5. Viktor Bolsec – XRAY
  6. Davide Ongaro
  7. Matej Miklavec – XRAY
  8. Luka Busac
  9. Rok Pongrac
  10. Erik Klajnšček

v_podium Stock_b-main_race

B Main:

  1. Uroš Ploj – XRAY
  2. Luca Milocco
  3. Giovanni Battaglia
  4. Marko Bozic
  5. Stanislav Kokol – XRAY
  6. Zvonko Pungracic – XRAY
  7. Gasper Ravbar
  8. Marin Ivanov – XRAY
  9. Bjan Miklozic – XRAY
  10. Bostjan Gabrovsek
  11. Bosa Daniel

v_podium panCar_Overall

In Pan Car class Jernej Vuga Stendler scored clean win, in front of Valentin Mis and Nejc Mihelic. Results in 1:12 Pan Car:

  1. Jernej Vuga Stendler – XRAY
  2. Valentin Mic
  3. Nejc Mihelic
  4. Fink Denis – XRAY
  5. Luka Skolaris
  6. Simone Bellin

v_podium Formula_b-Main_race

Formula category was also really exciting to watch, where Andrej Grebenc and Matevz Homar served us with some fun to watch battles for positions. At the end it was Andrej Grebenc that took overall victory, followed by Matevz Homar and Borut Svoljsak. Formula results were:

A Main:

  1. Andrej Grebenc – XRAY
  2. Matevz Homar – XRAY
  3. Borut Svoljsak – XRAY
  4. Bosa Luca
  5. Nejc Marcic – XRAY
  6. Saso Kramljak – XRAY
  7. Jan Pernarcic – XRAY
  8. Stefano Sinopoli

B Main:

  1. Massimo Gratton
  2. Robert Simcic – XRAY
  3. Zvonko Pungracic – XRAY
  4. Jurij Kurnik – XRAY
  5. Claudio Ziani
  6. Zeno Noacco
  7. Nunzio Pollio

Because this was the last race in series, we also had price giving ceremony for overall standings in series.

1/10 stock has seen most drivers of all category. Overall winner was Jan Popic, with 3 won races, followed by Alojzij Osvald and Dario Veseli:

  1. Jan Popic – XRAY
  2. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY
  3. Dario Veseli – XRAY
  4. Viktor Bolsec – XRAY
  5. Matej Miklavec – XRAY
  6. Vladimit Knehtl
  7. Uroš Ploj – XRAY
  8. Luka Busac
  9. Rok Pungrac
  10. Erik Klajnšček

v_podium Formula_A-Main_race

F1 class was also very diverse. It was Jan Pernarcic who took the overall win, in front of Andrej Grebenc and Nejc Marcic:

  1. Jan Pernarcic – XRAY
  2. Andrej Grebenc – XRAY
  3. Nejc Marcic – XRAY
  4. Borut Svoljsak – XRAY
  5. Matevz Homar – XRAY
  6. Saso Kramljak – XRAY
  7. Massimo Gratton
  8. Jurij Kurnik – XRAY
  9. Robert Simcic – XRAY
  10. Zvonko Pungracic – XRAY

v_podium PanCar_Amain_race

Even though PanCar division had less drivers it was still very fun to watch, as competition was very strong. Rok Rudl took overall win, closely followed by Jernej Vuga Stendler and Nejc Mihelic:

  1. Rok Rudl – XRAY
  2. Jernej Vuga Stendler – XRAY
  3. Nejc Mihelic
  4. Valentin Mis
  5. Goran Vignjevic
  6. Luka Skolaris
  7. Denis Fink – XRAY
  8. Herfired Pucher
  9. Simone Bellin
  10. Stefan Hois

After the price giving ceremony, we also had tombola with nice prizes supplied by XRAY and TopRC: some XRAY accessories, setup boards, pit towels, tires, main prizes were XRAY X1’16 and XRAY X12’16. Drivers with more than 3 finished races were eligible for the draw. And we also had a special present for drivers that attended all 4 races in the series…that was a special custom made XRAY t-shirt with print “I survived XWS” on the back.

v_team v_Xray_drivers