TITC 2016 report



Bruno Coelho reports on his win with XRAY T4 at TITC 2016:

I’m so happy and proud of my first TQ and win at the TITC. However none of this was achieved easily. The 2016 Thailand International Touring Championships was held at the famous RC Addict track in Bangkok, Thailand. The competition was huge, the event attended around 250 drivers.

We started with a lot of complications because due to the fact that the track was super hot -the asphalts was always around 61 degrees with a super grip, and also a bit bumpy, it was really hard to find a setup that could make my car behave the same way throughout each 5 minutes rounds. Despite these conditions we were able to stay on top during the practice and in qualification rounds grab the TQ in 3 from 6 rounds which awards me with the overall TQ.

Together with my super team mates Alex and Francesco we were able to find the perfect set-up combination that worked super good for us. With this set-up we were able to fight for the top positions during the finals taking 1st & 3rd final and became TITC Champion 2016. I want to congratulate to Paphon Chanyasak for winning the Open Brushless class with his T4, to Trin NungGai Tanongsakchaikulall for winning the F1 Class with his X1 and to all XRAY drivers that attended the event for the excellent performance, I’m really proud of you all.

I want also to say thank you to all my sponsors and supporters without all of you I wouldn’t manage to achieve anything. See you all in the next race.

Final results:


  1. Coelho Bruno – XRAY T4
  2. Volker Ronald -Yokomo
  3. Vejrak Meen -Yokomo
  4. Rheinard Marc -Tamiya
  5. Hagberg Alexander – XRAY T4
  6. Groskamp Jilles – HB
  7. Sobue Akio – Tamiya
  8. Hara Atsushi – Awesometix
  9. Moore Andy – Xray T4
  10. Lee Nicholas – Yokomo


Open BL 13,5:

  1.  C. Paphon – Xray T4
  2. R. Kittipong – Yokomo
  3. Roumlarp Witsarut – Yokomo
  4. Dong Salton – Xray T4
  5. K. Chatpong -Yokomo
  6. P. Au – Xray T4
  7. Murai Kazuma – Kyosho
  8. Poon Ray – Yokomo
  9. Heitsch Henrik – ARC
  10. Simaraks Ongsanit – Xray T4

No boost 13,5:

  1. S. Singha Thanet – Sukura
  2. S. Patchara – Xray T4
  3. J. Somjainuek – Xray T4
  4. Tam Tony – Awesometix
  5. Ping Chiang Wen – Awesometix
  6. Tokuda Akihiro – HB
  7. Intha Komsun – Sakura
  8. Pholdoke Supawoot – Team C
  9. Quan Wei – Tamiya
  10. Ubolrat Apiwat – Xray T4



  1. T. Trin – Xray X1
  2. Pisalwongwan Kittichai
  3. Leflon Ludovic
  4. Boonphen Apichart
  5. So Jimmy
  6. Arakawa Tsutomu
  7. Boehringer Sven
  8. V. Palamet – Xray X1
  9. Yin
  10. Rawling Scott
  11. Kawase Hiroki
  12. Porapong R. – Xray X1
  13. Pattajak R. – Xray X1
  14. Yuan Wee
  15. Surasak – Xray X1

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