Indonesian EP National Rd1 report



The first round of Indonesian EP National Rd.1 was held at Progresif Circuit Bandung, West Java. A total of 60 racers competed in Open Brushless Class, FWD Class and Mini Class. Track was semi-indoor with medium traction and some bumpy section. The new qualifying system with 2 best point taken out from 3 rounds were ran here, from an usual single best heat taken.

In first round, i had a nightmare at last lap where a spun car at the straight banged me to the barrier, sent me to a pulled of steering link but still ended up in 3rd overall with Ronny Suwarto took the TQ at that round followed by Serpent driver Donnie Pangemanan. In the second round, car was worked supremely fast, snatched a 24 laps @ 5.11 with Suwardi Suliandy as the closest behind, a lap down. I did secure the overall TQ by scoring another 24 laps @ 5.10 in last round. Ronny Suwarto lined up 2nd with Christian Mamesah and Donnie Pangemanan, both secured their 2rd and
4th for Serpent followed by Chandra Yosef completed the top 5.

The first leg went very smooth for me, ran out from the field and took the tone to tone win, 12 seconds ahead Christian and Chandra. Overall win locked as i won the 2nd leg, ahead of Christian and Suwardi. I did the last leg to test Golem bodyshell (Indonesian made bodyshell) and clocked the hotlap of the day : 12.636 secs, where i also secured
those leg ahead of Ronny and Suwardi.

My car was perfectly dialed all the week, Thank’s to Serpent, East RC, Go Daddy, Captain GP and Golem for the support.

Open Brushless A Main:

  1. Bowie Ginting (SERPENT ERYX 4.0)
  2. Christian Mamesah (SERPENT ERYX 3.0)
  3. Ronny Suwarto
  4. Suwardi Suliandy
  5. Chandra Yosef
  6. Yusuf Zulkarnaen
  7. Donnie Pangemanan (SERPENT ERYX 4.0)
  8. Ambar Wahyu
  9. Dandy Inderawan
  10. Ronald Kasengkang