DNC 2016 report by JQRacing



Last week JQRacing attended the 17th Annual Dirt Nitro Challenge. On track we did not manage to set the world on fire, but we definitely won in the pits! Green carpeted pits with ARMA fridge with drinks, ARMA girl Natalie, a recliner, music, and of course the legendary Jay Smoker. You just can’t beat that, so sorry everyone else. Greg Degani did manage to place 2nd in the “Legend” class, which is a bit of a “let’s figure out a way to get more entry money” class, and super unfair if there are any fast over 35 year old drivers due to double track time. So at least we did got one podium, + Greg beat Jeremy Kortz.

On that subject, last year Jeremy Kortz beat JQ by far with his JQ WE, this year with JQ running the new WE LV, and Kortz running a magic Japanese car the race was on for bragging rights. Smack talk was at an all time high before the race, and the pressure was on. Fortunately for us, JQ 4 – Kortz 0 is how it ended, (qualifying + main). See you in Vegas Jeremy :-p

For JQ, after qualifying 5th in the Bmain, it looked like it would be really tough to bump. The Bmain was stacked, with names such as Lutz, Truhe, Drake, Savoya, Bayer etc, with 3 spots available. After some great action in the first half of the race, JQ found himself in 3rd place, battling with Savoya for the spot. Then incredibly both Savoya and JQ flamed out running out of fuel on the same lap. Unfortunately JQ flamed out before the loop, and Reno after, almost in pit lane, so that was it. Even though the result was not what JQ was looking for he was happy with the fact that progress is evident with both the car and his driving. The results will come.

Great to see Kevin OQuinn with his JQ eBuggy all the way from Florida in attendance! Good luck for this week ends JQ meet Kevin.

See more photos here.