RPM wing mounts for ARRMA & Durango 1/8th scale vehicles


RPM wing mounts ARRMA-Durango

RPM has asked their fans on Facebook what they’d like to see from RPM and one of the most popular requests was Wing Mounts for the ARRMA/Durango 1/8th scale line. You asked for it, you got it!

RPM wing mounts solve the key breakage issues reported to RPM. Primarily, the front cross brace holes were cracking. The simple solution was to eliminate this hole in favor of a flat plane of solid RPM engineering grade nylons. They then swept the entire mount on a curve to help add some impact flexibility when it needs it most – during a crash. When running normally, the massive amount of material used keeps the wing locked in place, providing excellent, stable down force on the rear of the vehicle.
RPM wing mounts are sold with one left and one right wing mount to replace damaged or broken stock versions. They’re molded in a trademark blend of extremely strong, engineering grade nylons for a lifetime of durability and performance.
Tech Notes: RPM wing mounts replace stock ARRMA #AR320194 and stock Durango #TD320274. RPM Wing Mounts contain support bars only and will require the use of the stock ARRMA / Durango wing, two stock cross braces and stock mounting hardware. They fit the Kraton, Typhon, Talion, DEX8, DEX8T and DNX8.