First annual Nissan Cup report


Nissan Cup

The first and annual Nissan Cup was held at Bandung Progresif Track. A 116 entries pushed the race to be ran into two days, with saturday as the qualifying day. I came all the way from Jakarta in friday. We had a loose track at practice day and the grip was raised in saturday, a bit struggling with setup, so does everyone.

I joined in the primary Open Brushless class with my ERYX 4.0 and Non Boost 13,5t with ERYX 3.0. Both of my car did pretty well above the weird grip to locked down the TQ in both class.
Muhammad Izzah start behind me in Boost class, failed to finished his best round with only under 1 sec gap with me in actual while Suwardi Suliandy rounded in 3rd place. Start behind me
in Non Boost Class is Phoa Pinghong with Izzah completed the top 3.

Arya Seta secured the TQ in FWD class which filled by 50 entries (most among all classes), ahead of me who got a borrowed 411FF from my besties, Mr. Donnie Pangemanan to joined the lastqualifier. Christian was the quickest in single lap time but several collision with traffic left him only in 6th.
Main final got underway and disaster came on me in first leg of FWD, having overtook Arya for some wide gap for lead, i rolled my 411FF and got a motor failure after turned by marshall.
There’s no choice other than stop my race in FWD class since i had no more handot motor. Christian took a fully advantage by secured all the three legs to handed an overall win.

In Non Boost class, I called for an repairing time during qualifier due to motor problem which sent me deathlast on the grid. I went through the field but it wasn’t enough to catched Izzah
who already gone. 2nd in first leg and 1st in second leg with 6 secs win from Izzah sent us to penultimate leg 3. My car’s front bite felt too much which i can’t push my car, Izzah took me
easily but unfortunately he lost some laps due to undetected transponder. In actual we finished together on the transponder line but Izzah was already undetected. I secured the overall win
followed by Izzah and Teddy Syach who came all the way from 7th on the grid.

In Open Brushless class, i took an easy leg 1 as Izzah, Suwardi and Christian got a battle behind. Izzah was raising up his pace in leg 2, while my car felt a bit nervous. I had to hold
him all he way with under 1 sec gap from him, he made a mistake in last four laps which left me 1,9 secs in front until the finish line. I secured the overall win. I rejoin the last leg
but again, overgrip issue came together with 17 degree celcius weather. Izzah took me easily again, even i did the track record with 12,090, Izzah was already runaway after my steering
servo problem ended up my chase. Izzah secured the second place overall with Suwardi came around in 3rd.

FWD Class:

  1. Christian Mamesah
  2. Irawan Situmorang
  3. Asdi Nurmediana

Non Boost 13,5 Class:

  1. Bowie Ginting
  2. Muhammad Izzah
  3. Teddy Syach

Open Brushless Class:

  1. Bowie Ginting
  2. Muhammad Izzah
  3. Suwardi Suliandy