HB D815 RGT8 1/8th GT kit


RGT8 rcnews

The GT class will soon have one more challenger: the HB D815 RGT8 1/8th GT kit.The GT class is very popular in Asia with a very competitive championship and it also exists since the 90’s in Europe under the name “Rally Game”.

Looking at the technical details clearly shows that the HB RGT8 is a true competition car. The drivetrain is the same as that used in the D815 world champion buggy. To ensure that the RGT8 can handle the stresses of on-road use, it’s equipped with the same ultra hard monocoque suspension arms and bulletproof differentials as those found on the buggy version.
The car does not use a central differential, but an adjustable two-speed gearbox who’s design is based on the HB R8’s gearbox. XXL anti-roll bars, big bore ultra-short shocks, special front bumber and GT type body posts are all included with the kit. 90% of the R8GT parts are the same as those of the D815.