Speedzone releases Peerless Series V2 brushless motors



Speedzone have released their second generation “Peerless” Series brushless motors. The Peerless Series V2 line now has higher tolerance and more durable components, which helps facilitate a lower resistance, longer lasting motor. A variety of turns are available and each motor is built to the highest of standards. Motors are bench tested to ensure sensor, stator and dual precision bearings are all functioning to a strict quality control. The lightweight design features upgraded bearings and symmetrical vent openings, which in conjunction with the case and stator structure further reduces motor temperature and maximizes efficiency. It also allows for easy stator measurement without disassembly. Spec motors are produced with a short stator and HT rotor while mod motors come with a standard size stator.


  • Adjustable Timing
  • High Grade Precision Ball Bearings
  • High Temp High Grade Pure Copper Wire
  • Super Flow 90 Degree Solder Tabs
  • Machined Lightweight Can
  • Highly Durable Sintered Rotor
  • Symmetrical Vent Placements
  • Fully Rebuild-able
  • Low Resistance Components
  • Meets ROAR, IFMAR and EFRA Specs