Serpent releases new Viper 977 options


Serpent has just released their new chassis stiffener and extra hard Centax spring for the Viper 977 series cars. The stiffener will reduce the chassis flex around the engine area and will help with smoother braking action.


The alu brace as shown replaces the original bottom one to have a mounting point, and the other side mounts to the 2-speed shaft bracket v2 version, which is already included in the latest Viper 977-evo kits. The springsteel trackrod combined with ball and balljoints from the strong connection and is easily removed for maintenance or cleaning work on the car.


This extra hard spring is precision made and flat grinded for even performance. Serpent designer Ron Ton invented the Centax clutch in 1992, and it has become the clutch that many brands have modeled their own clutches after. The extra hard spring is simply another improvement/tuning option from the development team at Serpent.