JQRacing launches new site for 2016


JQ New Site

With the arrival of the new year, brings a long list of new things for JQRacing. Today, the company has launched their all-new interactive web site. The new site features a cleaner look, easier navigation, news, stories, support, setups, and more!

It’s been a while, but finally we have a new website. When JQRacing first started a few years ago, we raised the bar as far as brand image, sharing of information and customer service was concerned. We burst onto the scene from nothing largely due to the content we provided, free to everyone online. Since then you have probably noticed a decline in the helpful information, and entertaining stories. This has simply been due to becoming swamped with work!
Now it’s time to get back to business, and focus more on what matters, supporting all JQ drivers out there, and actually RC racers in general. With this new website we are going to provide you with easy access and easily understandable setup and racing advice, and the occasional funny story. stories.jqracing.com will be all about product presentations, informative articles, and videos and pictures. jqracing.com is our online store. We like to keep them separate and simple. Keep checking back!
CLICK HERE to visit the NEW JQRacing online experience!