Volker, Neumann, & Orlowski win 2016 DHI Cup



The 2016 edition of the DHI Cup was once again held at the Fyn Arena in Odense, Denmark. This race always marks the start of the year for the on-road racing, and has in the past years gained a large popularity in the off-road category as well. After some great racing in all classes, the 2016 DHI Cup winners were crowned with Volker, Neumann, and Orlowski taking home the gold in the premier modified classes.


Top 10 Modified Touring Car:

  1. Ronald Völker
  2. Viljami Kutvonen
  3. Alexander Hagberg
  4. Bruno Coelho
  5. Adrian Berntsen
  6. Naoki Akiyama
  7. Meen Vejrak
  8. Marek Cerny
  9. Elliott Harper
  10. Marc Fischer


Top 10 Modified 4WD Buggy:

  1. Jörn Neumann
  2. Michal Orlowski
  3. Bruno Coelho
  4. Martin Bayer
  5. Frederik Hovgaard
  6. David Ronnefalk
  7. Tom Cockerill
  8. Malin Karlsen
  9. Oskar Levin
  10. Alexander Landen


Top 10 Modified 2WD Buggy:

  1. Michal Orlowski
  2. Martin Bayer
  3. Jörn Neumann
  4. Niclas Mansson
  5. Jesper Rasmussen
  6. Joakim Nicolaisen
  7. Tom Cockerill
  8. Frederik Hovgaard
  9. Oskar Levin
  10. Bruno Coelho

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  • Bjarne Callesen

    Why is the result from the Prostock class not mentioned? This class was the biggest at the event with 90 drivers. Tim Benson, Kyosho won ahead of Marek Cerny and Jan Ratheiski – both Xray.