Poll: What platform should XRAY develop next?


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XRAY was once known only for their luxurious onroad vehicles and success, however, within the past decade have made a enormous splash in the offroad scene as well. XRAY’s recognition and race-winning reputation is known around the world in both genres, and has only increased with their recent IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championship win this past fall.

XRAY is looking to expand their lineup of vehicles even further, however, they want to build what YOU want! Take the poll below and cast your vote for what the next XRAY platform should be!

What platform should XRAY develop next?

1/8 GT – Nitro
1/8 GT – Electric
1/10 Stadium Truck
1/10 Short Course
1/8 Truggy – Nitro
1/8 Truggy – Electric

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