Valtier & Crolla win CML Race in France


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The CML Race was held this past weekend near Paris, France. The beautiful facility hosted many of Europe’s best drivers to enjoy a weekend of great racing. The 4wd Buggy class saw XRAY’s Lorenzo Crolla bring home a well-deserved win over Jean-Pierrick Sartel in second, and Stephane Deroch in third. Crolla would once again land himself on the podium in the 2wd Buggy class, finishing second behind Ludovic Valtier. Stephane Deroch would once again finish out the podium in third.

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Final Result 4WD:

  1. Crolla, Lorenzo – XRAY XB4’16
  2. Sartel, Jean-Pierrick
  3. Deroch, Stephane – XRAY XB4’16
  4. Briere, Mathieu – XRAY XB4’16
  5. Maquel, Tom
  6. Valter, Romain
  7. Geneau, Jean-Baptiste – XRAY XB4’16
  8. Robert, Raphaël
  9. Robertson, Keith
  10. Guerbois, François – XRAY XB4’16
  11. Legall, Quentin
  12. Risser, Nicolas – XRAY XB4’16

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Final Result 2WD:

  1. Valtier, Ludovic
  2. Crolla, Lorenzo – XRAY XB2
  3. Deroch, Stephane
  4. Valter, Romain
  5. Merteens, Vincent
  6. Robert, Raphaël
  7. Briere, Mathieu – XRAY XB2
  8. Ferrandis, Julian – XRAY XB2
  9. Jaqueloot, Thibault
  10. Seysen, Kevin
  11. Maquel, Tom
  12. Risser, Nicolas – XRAY XB2