702 RC Raceway announces Vegas Carpet Championship



Following the 2015 IFMAR 1/10 Offroad World Championships hosted by Yatabe Arena in Japan, the concept of carpet/astro offroad racing continues to grow in America. The famous 702 R/C Raceway in Las Vegas, Nevada recently took the plunge to join the carpet scene.

The Battie family (702’s new owners) say, “We decided to go to carpet because the dirt needed continuous maintenance, was difficult to keep consistent, and to make track changes proved to be extremely laborious task. With the carpet, track changes can be made fairly quickly and easily. Most importantly, converting to carpet has opened up a whole new place for racing fun for the onroad hobbyist. We love the fact that we can accommodate both types of racers. We are very happy that we’ve made the change.”

While the offroad jumps and course obstacles are still in the construction stages, 702 is pleased to announce their first major onroad event on the carpet; the ‘Las Vegas On-Road Carpet Championship’.

702 Las Vegas On-Road Championship