Jared Tebo joins Speed RC


Speed RC release

Jared Tebo: 2 time IFMAR World Champion / 16 time ROAR National Champion / The Dirt Champion / Cactus Classic Champion / Silver State Champion / NEO Champion

Scott Speed: 3 time X-Games Gold Metalist / 2 time Formula Renault Champion / RedBull GRC Champion / Last full time American F1 driver / 5 year NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver

These two great racers will join forces in 2016, Speed RC would like to welcome Jared Tebo to the team! Speed RC is a R/C online superstore and world class R/C track in Mooresville, North Carolina. Scott Speed understands what it takes to race at the top tier of racing, and Jared Tebo brings over 10 years experience of being a top R/C racer worldwide.

Jared says, “I am very excited to announce that I will be representing Speed RC in 2016. I would like to thank Scott, TJ, and Jon for making this all happen. Speed RC will give me all the extra resources I need to elevate my racing career to new heights!”