Thornhill Racing Circuit 2.0: Big changes underway in Texas


Thornhill 2.0

The saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Thornhill Racing Circuit lives up to its home state motto as it is one of the largest offroad R/C facilities in the United States. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any bigger, Thornhill’s Chris Allison has announced some major changes coming for 2016; Thornhill Racing Circuit 2.0.


“As with most things in life, change is happening at Thornhill. With the new year will come new things. I think that most will agree with me that these will all be good things, some might even consider them spectacular.

I started Thornhill a few years ago with the intention of making a race track that would be a destination track. A place that people would long to travel to, making it a unique experience. With a great group of volunteers and the help of the best track builder in the world we created the largest track in North America. We truly did make something special. We then hosted the ROAR nationals in 2014 barely 1 year after the creation of Thornhill. Some consider it to be the best Nationals in many years or even the best ever. For me I got to witness the best two main events I have ever seen in my 28 years of racing. I then realized that I had accomplished my goals, I had done what I wanted to do. After that for a time I had felt a little lost as I didn’t have any more goals to acheive with Thornhill. I needed new goals so I thought about what was challenging me the most at Thornhill.


It was easy to realize that the weather has been the biggest challenge(no change that) it was the biggest problem and something had to be done about it. I also realized that I wanted to host more high profile events and to make Thornhill THE go to track. So I came up with these new goals:

  • Build the largest Covered Offroad track in the world.
  • Host the 2016 ROAR Nationals.
  • Make a visit to Thornhill on every RC racers bucket list.
  • Host future National and world level events.

So to accomplish these goals, some things have to change. The first being to cover the track. You’ll be happy to know that I signed the contract to begin construction of a cover starting on Jan 4th 2016. The covered track area will be 120’x200′ making it 24,000sqft. that’s almost 2500sqft larger than the Padova track which was the largest convered track I could find. It will also have a 20’x75′ cover over the existing drivers stand. The eves of the cover will be 18′ tall and there will be wind/rain blocks on the sides that will come down to around the 7′ level. We will still be using our same dirt and will thankfully never be rained out again!! We plan to also cover the warmup area and the walkway from the pit room to the track. Construction on all of this will take a couple of months and my tentative plan is to open the track back up sometime in March.


There is a Hobby shop coming to Thornhill. It will be in a large office trailer that will be right behind the drivers stand. The hobby shop is called Holligan RC and the owners name is Jerry. He plans to stock racing items for both tracks including tires, wheels, fuel, motors, servos, parts for the most common cars, etc. He plans to have it up and going before the big track opens back up in March.


There will be a couple of private air conditioned pit room’s for rent. To start with there is 2 rooms available. One could hold 3 racers and the other could hold up to 6. These pit rooms come with several perks. They will be secure, lockable doors and bars on the windows and doors. They are air conditioned and have a shared private bathroom. The renters will have access to the facility during daylight hours and have access to practice on the tracks during that time. All of this is included in the monthly fee. I would like to rent these out to an individual or a group that knows one another. Contact me if interested. I may add more rooms if interested is high enough.


We plan to start racing every weekend. At first my plan is to run every other weekend on each track. Back and forth each weekend. We’ll go to every weekend on both tracks if I can come up with some more help to run the races on days I can’t be there. The actual schedule is still being figured out but more racing is a certainty. I am hoping that this will help build back a strong club race presence in Austin.

We also plan to improve the pit room by putting down crushed granite to help with the dust problem. We plan to enlarge the parking areas by putting down more road base. We are going to rearrange the concessions stand area to open the area up more.

All of this plus 4 major races next year, which are:

  • 4/22-4/24 Lonestar Nitro Challenge Nats Warmup
  • 6/9-6/12 ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals
  • 8/26-8/28 2016 Pro-Line Shootout
  • 10/14-10/16 RC Pro Race #5

We are building something great, come and be a part of it!”