XRAY Winter Series Morava Rd.3 report


Round 3 of the XRAY Winter Series Morava was held prior to Christmas in the sports hall of a local high school. 100+ entries gathered for the event, divided among five different classes. In between qualifying heats, racers were given a special treat with the XRAY Work.Shop led by XRAY factory driver Kuba Simurda.

The racing proved to be just as exciting, as all classes saw close encounters leading up to an exciting finish to a great day of racing.



Open Class:

  1. Kuba Šimurda (XRAY T4)
  2. Michal Vítámvás (XRAY T4)
  3. Oliver Havránek (XRAY T4)
  4. Martin Kratochvíl (XRAY T4)
  5. Karel Kratochvíl (XRAY T4)


Stock Class:

  1. Oliver Havránek (XRAY T4)
  2. Jaroslav Kopecký ml. (XRAY T4)
  3. Martin Kratochvíl (XRAY T4)
  4. Karel Kratochvíl (XRAY T4)
  5. Tono Sloboda


Formula Class:

  1. Vít Parák (XRAY X1)
  2. Luděk Szostek
  3. Libor Holub (XRAY X1)
  4. Lukáš Hoch (XRAY X1)
  5. Aleš Horák (XRAY X1)


GT 1/10 Class:

  1. Roman Krejčí
  2. Martin Zvára
  3. Miroslav Jurenka
  4. Libor Holub (XRAY)
  5. Luděk Szostek


Hobby Class:

  1. Jura Hrabec (XRAY T4)
  2. David Káňa (XRAY T4)
  3. Igor Vlahovič
  4. Jan Žerníček
  5. Karel Bečička

CLICK HERE for the full race report!