X Factory releases ‘Infinity’ SC5M carbon chassis kit



The wait is over, X Factory’s Infinity kit for the SC5M is now available! Like the very successful Infinity kits for the B5M and T5M, this new kit is designed to have many advantages over the standard aluminium tub chassis.

The Infinity kit is made of 2.5mm carbon fibre and saves about 70 grams; on the heavy SC truck this is a huge advantage. SC trucks handle poorly compared to other R/C cars, and weight saving goes a long way toward better handling. Lighter weight helps in any class, but is especially important in the popular stock classes, particularly noticeable late in the race as batteries begin to discharge and equipment heats up.

X Factory’s CF chassis flexes far more than the aluminium tub, and the flex is controllable. Drivers can quickly adjust their Infinity trucks to suit different tracks and lay-outs by tightening or loosening bolts on the side decks and side rails. X Factory has been making carbon fibre off-road R/C cars for about five years, and the Infinity kit for the SC5M has third generation technology – instead of the clunky top deck found on most CF R/C vehicles, the Infinity SC5M kit uses both side rails and side decks to control the flex. Drivers can adjust both how much flex there is and where the flex occurs.


The flex in the Infinity chassis helps the truck spring off jumps. The Infinity truck will jump higher and longer, and this makes for faster lap times.

Carbon Fibre flexes, but does not tweak like aluminium. Every time CF flexes, it immediately returns to straight, so the tweak problem is eliminated. No more handling problems that you can’t figure out without a tweak board, and no more expensive chassis replacements.

Like all X Factory kits, the new Infinity kit for the SC5M is complete with everything needed to install the new CF chassis, right down to the bolts and nuts. Lots of new CF parts are included so you’ll have a real carbon fibre beauty. The whole thing is carefully engineered so everything bolts right up. The included instructions show you how to disassemble the existing truck, tells which parts to save, and shows how to assemble your new Infinity truck. The existing body will fit right on.