STRC ‘Izilla’ Axial Wraith monster truck racing conversion


STA80074-1 (2)

ST Racing Concepts is pleased to officially release the all-new Izilla Monster Truck Racing Chassis Conversion Kit for the Axial Wraith. This conversion kit is ready to transform your Wraith from a rock racer to an awesome solid axle monster truck, taking your bashing fun to a whole new level. The conversion kit uses stock Axial Wraith components and bolts right on in less than 30 minutes. However, this chassis was designed for more than just bashing, it was made with racing performance in mind as well, featuring:

  • A low center of gravity. With the heavy electronics of battery, ESC and receiver box placed just over the center transmission. The Izilla racing chassis places the bulk of the weight right in the middle and as low as possible. Unlike other chassis kits out on the market that stacks the electronics which makes the CG much higher, we place the stock Wraith battery tray sitting side by side with the included aluminum electronics plate, which have plenty of space for mounting aftermarket ESC and have holes pre-drilled for the stock water proof receiver box. The battery is also placed on the opposing side of the motor for a better left/right balance.


  • Adjustable forward or rear bias weight distribution. The battery tray and the electronics plate are installed on heavy duty CNC machined center aluminum cross members that can be moved to different position to change the weight distribution for adjusting the handling characteristics of your Izilla racing chassis.



  • Simple and durable Ladder Frame design. The Izilla uses an open ladder frame design that allows the chassis to be light weight and easy to work on, while high quality CNC Machined Aluminum cross members provides a solid construction for this chassis kit once it is assembled. The chassis plates tucks in on the stock Wraith skid plate, so you will not risk damaging the chassis’ underside. The chassis plates also feature numerous adjustments for upper suspension links to allow you to adjust the truck’s handling to your liking. You can also use the stock Wraith suspension links with no modifications on this conversion kit.


STA80074-2 (2)

  • CNC Machined Front and Rear chassis beams with integrated sway bar mount. The end cross member chassis beams provides a solid front and rear construction for the chassis plates and it features built in sway bar mount brackets that allows for Wraith Sway Bar kit to be installed. (Requires STA1321 links for sway bar links)



Components include:

  • 2 CNC Machined Aluminum ladder-frame chassis plates
  • 3 CNC Machined Aluminum HD cross member beams (for electronics plate and battery tray)
  • 2 CNC Machined Aluminum HD end cross member beams with integrated sway bar mount
  • 1 CNC Machined 2.5mm thick Aluminum electronics plate
  • 2 CNC Machined 7mm Aluminum chassis cross brace links
  • 4 body posts
  • Hardware Pack

STA80074BK-GM (1)

Available in a variety of color combination to build your own one of a kind solid axle monster truck!