Yokomo announces YD-4 competition drift kit


Yokomo YD-4

Yokomo has just announced their all-new drift car chassis, which is in the final stages of development. The new kit is Yokomo’s response to the growing popularity in competition R/C drifting. The new platform (dubbed the ‘YD-4’) has yet to be seen, however, Yokomo has shared a few of the key features that are found on the new car:

  • High Carbon Double Deck Chassis
  • Lowered designed for high flex driven performance
  • Closed Gearbox Shaft driven 4WD
  • Sharpen performance by lowering the load and localize the center of chassis
  • High rigid H arm with maximum Steering angle
  • Slide rack steering(Steel) enable the best balance of Ackerman and Steering Angle
  • Narrow Scrub Knuckle with Front king pin angle
  • 4mm thick Carbon Shock Tower
  • Flex layout for standard and shorty batteries

The YD-4 will be available in January, 2016. Stay tuned as a full release, photos, and details are coming soon…