LRP delivers v1.50 Pulsar Touch firmware update



LRP has just released their newest free firmware upgrade for the Pulsar Touch charger. The new v1.50 firmware offers more functions, more features, and even finer tuning for your charging experience.


“With the new firmware v1.50 your top-level charger LRP Pulsar Touch will offer even more features and functions are further optimized. It will show a greater usability than ever before.

First of all, LiPo battery cut-off voltage during charge can now be set up in a wider range of 3.80V – 4.40V. This allows you to fully charge LRP‘s high-voltage Outlaw batteries to their designated voltage.

In many applications, only part of the high capacity of today‘s batteries is actually needed. Our new ‘Partial Discharge Mode’ allows to discharge a battery only partially – controlled by the capacity discharged – which is exactly what you do most of the time during racing. This way, you are able to compare different batteries and their performance in the range you actually use and keep track of your batteries‘ condition.

Finally, the starting sequence has been slightly changed to further increase the charger‘s safety. Now, the menu does not move automatically to the next step after you hit the START button for the first time. Instead, to make sure you have set up the charger correctly, it will now ask you to confirm your adjusted parameters by pushing the START button again.” – LRP

Key improvemenets:

  • Expanded LiPo battery cut-off voltage range
  • Partial discharge mode
  • Improved starting sequence

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