Serpent releases the S100 LTR in full detail


S100 LTR 1

Serpent has introduced their latest evolution of the S100 GT10/WGT platform, which can be upgraded to Pro-10 specs as needed (optional). The new S100 LTR follows many of the development advances applied to the successful S120 LTR 1/12 scale car.

S100 LTR 2

Major changes and upgrades include:

  • New wider carbon chassis, versatile for different layouts.
  • New steering blocks with inserts.
  • New unique friction free central pivot system.
  • New Serpent light and long RCCX pancar shock.
  • New pivot link steering system.
  • New servo positions (more layouts possible).
  • New re-designed rear podplate and lighter aluminum rear brackets.
  • Lower center of gravity

For more details CLICK HERE.

S100 LTR 4

S100 LTR 3