Modelix presents Ultimate Ceramic ‘Super Speed Series’ engines


CERAMIC engines

Modelix presents the new range of Ultimate Engines with Ceramic “Super Speed Series” or “3S” Bearing from Ultimate Racing. The new Ultimate M-4R, M-5 and M-8 engines with ceramic bearings have been tested and approved by some the Modelix team drivers, and their feedback has been more than positive and promising.

Ceramic bearings have many advantages over standard steel bearings, such as decreased weight, higher RPM capabilities, increased corrosion and wear resistance, as well as reduced friction and vibration.

Talking about engines and engine bearings is very important to make sure that the fuel we are using is appropriate to ensure that bearing races and balls are protected with a film of oil which will reduce wear and friction. It is for this reason that we always recommend using Nitrolux – The Ultimate Fuel Generation.