PROTOform WCICS Round 4: Kelowna


WCICS Banner 2015

The PROTOform Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series Round 4 was held for the first time ever in the beautiful mountainside wine country of Kelowna, British Columbia. Hosted by the KRC Club, with great teamwork and support from all the B.C. clubs for their premier WCICS event. Great weather helped racers from all around Western Canada make the drive, and in their first event ever they had the second highest registrations of any race so far in WCICS 25th season! Thanks are due to so many people, but special thanks to KRC members Earl, Darren and Aaron, putting in +17hr days!

TC Mod

Awesomatix TC Mod: When you’re hot, you’re hot, and National Champion, Team XRay driver Blake Bell drove his T4 from pole to checkered without looking back-for almost the 9th time in a row, 3 full events!!! Congratulation to “The Champ!” for an amazing feat! Team Awesomatix Korgae Scales driving the new A800 Belt Drive was in his draft the entire race, just 1 sec behind at the line. WCICS President, Top Privateer Josh Carter, drove his T3 to a solid 3rd.


CRC WGT: Top Privateer, WCICS President Josh Carter had TQ at the end of Day 2, but Craig Roberts just put his CRC on pole in the last round. The race didn’t disappoint, barely a second separating the two for the entire 5 minutes. It ended just as it started, Craig taking the win, Josh just behind, and 3rd place qualifier Frank Bortolazzo finishing off the podium with his new Roche WGT.


ATD Hobbies Tamiya Mini: At the request of TQ holder Brandon Rogers, a special “good luck charm” announcer was called in just for this main! It worked, as rising young star Brandon drove a great race from start to finish, taking the checkered just a few steps ahead of Brent Wende. Vancouver’s Chuck Debelen had a blast following the two all race long and finished off the podium in 3rd, letting out his most primal mini roar!


Gravity RC CTA: There is such a thing as RC-Karma! At the end of Day 2 Kevin Soukoroff held TQ. He then stayed late helping Brandon Rogers and his father Jim with their car setup, only to have Brandon take TQ in the final qualifier! But good deeds come around, and in the main, Kevin had great speed and put a clean pass on Brandon to take the win! Brandon took second, and Justin Miranda third. (Father Jim finished 5th!)

12th Stock

Reedy 12th Stock: Reigning Canadian National Champion Blake Bell again put his CRC firmly in TQ, and lead right to the checkered. Team XRay’s Luke Pittman drove his X12 ‘16 to second, posting the fastest lap of the main as he chased Blake, putting constant pressure on The Champ for the full 8 minutes, finishing just 2.9sec behind after 8 minutes. It was a great battle! Team CRC’s Craig Robert’s would take the last step on the podium by just 0.5sec over KRC President Earl Towson!

12th Mod

Novak 12th Mod: Team CRC’s National Champion Blake Bell would again take TQ, fastest lap, and the win! In his first 12 Mod race in years, Korgae scales was fast, and put in a solid second place. Kamloop’s Jason Melynk, driving great this year, had a smooth race to finish in third.


Auto Trim F1: Alex Pate posted the fastest lap by almost half a second, and went from TQ to win in 5 minutes flat! The close battle was for second between Gert Swart and Brandon Rogers. Trading back and forth several times, Gert would cross the line just 0.7sec ahead of Brandon!

TC Stock

Team Great Hobbies TC Stock: TQ holder Team Awesomatix driver Frank Bortolazzo drove from pole to pole without mistake, posting a fast lap to top 15 consistency of just 0.1 sec! But it wasn’t easy, he was being chased down by Team XRAY’s Luke Pittman, who posted the fastest lap of the race tracking him down. Doug Smith had the climb of the day, moving from 7th to 3rd!

“Thank you KRC for celebrating PROTOform WCICS 25th Anniversary in style in Kelowna! Full Results, photos and series standings available at or check out our Facebook page.”