XRAY goes 1-2-3 at Curitibano Championship



Round 9, and the end of another racing year in Brazil, was held at the CAAR track. A bit of bad weather put a slight damper on things, however, racers still enjoyed an exciting weekend of racing. Lucas Baruffi would set the pace early on, however, it was Willian Capitelli who would win the overall after rain cancelled the event after heat 5. Lucas would finish second with Flavio Salinet third, making for an XRAY 1-2-3 sweep of the podium.




  1. Willian Capitelli – XRAY T4 2015
  2. Lucas Baruffi – XRAY T4 2015
  3. Flavio Salinet – XRAY T4 2015
  4. Adriano Ferro
  5. Luiz Gonzaga
  6. Edson Lima XRAY T4 2014
  7. Lincoln Almeida
  8. André Franchi XRAY T4 2014
  9. Rodrigo Stella
  10. Miguel Woller XRAY T4 2014
  11. Nelson Junior