AWS Round 2 report from NDOR


AWS Rd 2

Race report by Chris Jeffery:
On a very dark, cold morning at the NDOR Offroad venue, drivers began to arrive for the second round of the AWS.

After booking in had closed and drivers briefing had finished, we started racing at around 8.25am, starting with Truggy’s which saw NDOR locals Martin Connolly, Chris Woods and Mick Butler setting the pace for the Truggy’s on a slippery damp track. During the first round of qualifying the lap time was equalised due to the track drying out and then having a small shower.

After the Truggy’s we saw both the E-Buggy heats doing their part to try and get a good time. As we went through the first round of qualifying we started to see the lap times coming down. So by the end of the 1st round, we saw Graham Alsop taking TQ, Jonathan Skidmore second and John Holmes in third for Nitro Buggy. In E-Buggy we saw Liam Galvin taking TQ with Mick Butler second and Carlo DeMarco in third. In Truggy we saw Mick Butler take TQ, James Hargreaves second and Steve Alcock third with his Electric Truggy.


Because of the amount of drivers that we had, we couldn’t waste any time between races. As a result we went straight into the second round of qualifying, with different challenges that saw the competitors familiarise themselves with the circuit. By the end of the second round you could see the racing getting closer and closer. So for Nitro Buggy we saw for the second time Graham Alsop taking TQ with again Jonathan Skidmore second and John Holmes in third, you could see the Buggy drivers getting better and better as the meeting progressed. For E-Buggy we saw Carlo DeMarco Taking TQ, with Mick Butler in second place and Liam Galvin now in third place. The competition for the TQ spot was becoming heated during the E-Buggy races. This now takes us to Truggy, the same as round one, with Mick Butler taking TQ, James Hargreaves taking second, and for the second time we saw Steve Alcock taking third with this Electric Truggy.

Straight into the third and final round of qualifying; this was tricky due to a light shower, which meant that the track surface became greasy again. During the sixth heat the computer came out with an unusual anomaly, notifying me that I had an unknown transpoder going round the track. After some investigation, it was discovered that Mike Bradshaw had become a little bit too eager and decided to go out a race early, much to the amusement of the race director. After round three we saw Graham Alsop taking TQ again in Nitro Buggy, with Jordan Shelton in second place and Steve Ibboston in third place. Neil “Bendy Boy” Bent took TQ for Electric Buggy for the first time of the day, with Liam Galvin in second place and Carlo DeMarco in third place. For Truggy the story was very different to the previous rounds; Scott Walker finally come through the pack and managed to take TQ in the third round, with Steve Morgan second and James Hargreaves third.

With only a 10 minute gap between qualifying and finals because of the short daylight hours, we started finals at just before 1:30pm

AWS Rd 2_2

We started with the 15 minute E-Buggy B Final. After some close racing and swapping and changing for the top four bump up spots, the top four drivers that were promoted the A Final were John Vickers taking the win, Chris Lovell second, Gerry Doyle third and finally Johnny Riley taking the last bump up spot in fourth.

We then went into the Truggy B Final, which again saw some very good racing. Battling for the top spots went on throughout the entire race, but in the end we saw Martin Connolly taking the win with his Electric Truggy, David Mellor taking second also with an Electric Truggy, Andrew Beaumont third and Darren Crutchley taking fourth place. These drivers were promoted to the Truggy A Final.

The Nitro Buggy E Final was next up. This race was very different from the first two because Darren Moffatt who won this race by lapping twice and displaying some astonishing racing. Second place was Elliot Jones with young Gaow Hedley in third, and in an amazing turn of events Chris “The Basher” Easterbrook came in fourth. These drivers all got promoted to the D Final.


A Final E-Buggy was next to go out, which was again a good race to watch with all 14 cars tearing off down the straight. Carlo DeMarco took the win with Dan Austin in second place. Liam Galvin finished in third after battling his way up after a bad opening lap. Richard Metcalfe finished in a comfortable fourth place.


A Final Truggy went out next with a damp track after a small shower. Scott Walker took the win with a time of 20/15m 10.15 second. Steve Alcock with his Electric Truggy came in second place with a time of 20/15m 10.65, so there was half a second between first and second place as they crossed the line for the final time. Mick Butler came in third who was 25 seconds behind first and second, with Carl O’Connor in fourth. Well done to all drivers in that race for their fantastic and excitingly close driving.

Having 14 cars in each final enabled the races to be held one after another, so the D Final went out with a strong drive for Kieran Cox who took the win by a whole lap. Arron Girling came in second place, Darren Moffatt in third, an achievement as he started eleventh on the grid, and Chris Long came in fourth. These drivers were promoted to the C Final where for the second time running we saw Arron Girling taking a bump up in first place, with Lloyd Pitt in second, Andy Lappin third and Kieran Cox coming in fourth. Before we started the C Final we noticed that car one was missing, and the driver was nowhere to be seen. We assumed that he might have been having problems so with no time waste we started the race without him. It turned out that car one was meant to be Kong Mckenzie who was too busy snoozing in the undercover pitting area to notice that he was meant to be out in that final.

The B Final Buggy went out at 4.05pm with the sunlight rapidly fading and the flood lights taking over. Liam Galvin took the win in this race with Carlo DeMarco coming second after his success in the E-buggy class. Arron Girling had another bump up with him finishing in third, making up for his disastrous qualifying round. Lloyd Bostock took fourth place, and again these drivers where promoted into the A Final.

Nitro Buggy

The A Final went out with a few drivers concerned about visibility, particularly with the left hand side of the track. Nonetheless we powered on through a tough race, which finished with Jonathan Skidmore taking first place, Graham Alsop in second, John Holmes in third and Carlo DeMarco in fourth.

This concluded round two of the AWS at NDOR. I would like to thank everyone at NDOR for putting in all the hours during the week leading up to the meeting on the Sunday, from getting the lights up to getting the track prepared for us all. Special thanks go to Tim Ramsden for all your help during the day and being a great flag man for the finals, and to Tracey and her team in the canteen for keeping us fed and watered during the day.

All up to date results are drivers list for the remaining rounds are at: