STRC SCX10 Off-Axle Servo Mount/Panhard kit



For those of you that are after the utmost scale realism with your Axial SCX10, the new STRC off-axle servo mount/Panhard kit will help by taking the highly visible front steering servo off the axle and mounts it on to the chassis rail for a greatly improved look on the front end of your SCX10.


The servo is mounted on the chassis rails using two solid CNC Machined Aluminum Servo mounts that are keyed into the chassis rails and secured using just one screw for each servo mount.   


Panhard rod is made with a heat treated black oxide steel that mounts from the steering knuckle king-pin screw and span across to the other side of the chassis rails on a specially CNC machined aluminum Panhard Mount.  This setup allows the suspension to feel smooth and allow for the most shock compression due to the smaller diameter of the steel link versus aluminum tube links.  An aluminum tube link would have come in contact with the pumpkin before full shock compression.  To maximize the clearance of the upper link, a new suspension link is machined specifically for this kit with a 7mm diameter for the threaded area and taper down to a 5mm solid center portion so as the suspension compressed, this extra bit of clearance from the smaller center diameter again allows for the most shock compression before the upper link comes in contact with anything on the chassis rails (like receiver box, ESC…etc.)


This simple yet very effective off-axle servo mount/Panhard combo is easy to install and greatly improves the look of your Axial SCX10.  The STA30487 kits will require STA30516 or Axial’s aluminum steering kits.  The STA30487X kits come together with STA30516 aluminum steering kits. Both will require Axial AX80005 rod ends to complete.  Available in Scale Black, Gun Metal, Natural Silver anodizing.

Source: STRC