Hot Bodies unveils the highly anticipated D216



See: HB/HPI Racing
HB/HPI Racing has removed the towel of secrecy from the highly anticipated D216 1/10 2wd buggy! The new buggy has been revealed in full detail, displaying a plethora of unique and innovative features. HB D216. This pure racing machine is expected to revolutionize the 2WD offroad category with its many unique features and extreme durability. The multiple ROAR Champion D413 has lent many of its details to the D216, including the triangulated shock towers and 12mm Big Bore V2 shocks, however the new D216 machine has many of its own aspects, including: triple slipper clutch, adjustable 2-pc caster blocks, mid-motor 3-gear transmission plus multiple servo, wing and battery positions.



  • Mid-motor 2WD fully-featured racing buggy kit
  • Woven graphite carbon fiber chassis with carbon fiber side braces
  • Centralized low weight distribution
  • Superb chassis balance with increased transitional agility
  • Fully enclosed 3-gear mid-mounted transmission
  • Triple plate externally adjustable large diameter slipper clutch
  • Multiple battery mounting positions to adjust weight balance – adjustable fore and aft as well as left to right
  • Brand new 2-piece adjustable caster blocks to change kingpin angle
  • Monococque suspension arms with innovative hinge boss design
  • Aluminum camber link plates
  • Threaded aluminum 12mm Big Bore V2 coilover shocks
  • Extra-rugged triangulated shock tower mounts
  • Fully adjustable suspension with sway bars, multiple camber links, track width, ride height
  • Multiple servo mounting options to adjust weight balance
  • Steel turnbuckles with extra-long rod ends for increased durability
  • Extra-large gear differential
  • Easy-access differential
  • HB universal dogbones
  • Aluminum hex wheel adapters
  • Completely fitted with ball bearings
  • Hook and loop body mounting
  • Adjustable wing height
  • Parts compatibility with the D413, including shocks, rear hubs, CVDs, wing mounts, arm mounts and more
  • Wide array of tuning options include longitudinal battery mounting set, ball differential, long wheelbase chassis, multiple Ackermann arms, rear wings, shock springs, rear shock tower and arm mounts


“The HB D216 is the next step of development and innovation in 1/10th off-road racing. After the success of the D413 and D815, the next step for HB was to continue its off-road domination with development of an all-new and innovative 2WD electric racing buggy. Now, the D216 is nearly ready for release, with team drivers around the world taking their turn at the wheel of the brand new 2WD racing buggy from the World Champion racing brand, HB.


The D216 has already hit the track at the 2015 ROAR Nationals and at test tracks around the world, and it will be making its big premiere at the 2015-2016 IFMAR World Championships in Japan in the hands of 1/8th Buggy World Champion Ty Tessmann and former European Champion David Ronnefalk.


With the changing paradigm of 2WD buggy racing in the last several years, it’s critically important to get the layout of any new buggy spot-on and as perfect as possible, right out of the starting gate. Therefore, the D216 relies on a mid-motor layout to give the driver maximum rear traction and performance on the modern off-road race track while offering as much steering as possible. This is a fully adjustable, race-tuned buggy that will take your driving to the next level!


A narrow woven graphite chassis plate braced with carbon fiber supports provides the ideal starting point for the D216’s innovative chassis layout. The carbon fiber battery strap and its orange anodized aluminum brace add additional stiffness to the rear of the chassis. A very distinctive mid-mounted transmission encloses a 3-gear transmission for the most efficient drivetrain possible, fitted with an externally adjustable 3-plate, large diameter slipper clutch for the smoothest acceleration off the starting line, no matter what the racing surface is. The high volume gear differential is easy to remove from the transmission case for tuning, and can be replaced with an optional ball diff if need.

The speed controller is mounted to the side of the transmission case which helps eliminate the weight of excessive wiring and allows cooling air to flow over the controller casing. The design of the battery strap and servo mountings allow both to be adjusted into various positions to adjust the weight balance, and an optional battery strap lets you add further weight tuning opportunities.


The suspension design is an evolution of the forward-thinking D413 car, with triangulated shock tower mounts for an extra-rugged design, minimalist carbon fiber shock towers, 12mm Big Bore V2 threaded shock absorbers and aluminum camber link plates being some of the main features of the D216’s suspension. The biggest single feature, however, are the 2-piece adjustable caster blocks, which let you quickly dial the car into the driving conditions without needing to install different parts – a precious time-saver in the pits! Another major innovation is the innovative hinge boss design that is both super durable and highly adjustable, which sandwiches the hinge pin box between the two halves of the strong and lightweight monococque suspension arms.


Of course, the suspension is completely adjustable by using multiple camber link locations, kick-up, anti-squat, track width, sway bars and much more. Finishing off the car are molded composite standoffs to allow mounting of the body using hook and loop tape to make getting to the chassis quick and easy, and at the back of the car the wing height is adjustable for extra traction when needed. Sharing several parts with the D413 means that racers don’t need to keep different spare parts in their pit box – the D216 shares shocks, rear hubs, CVDs, wing mounts, arm mounts and more with the D413.” – HB/HPI Racing