Dimitriou dominates Greek Attiko Cup


v_podium (6)

The Attiko Cup took place in Athens, Greece at the Fanatix Racing Track. The race included 3 rounds of qualifying and a 30 minute final. XRAY would take the top spot in qualifying with Dimitriou taking the TQ spot, followed up by the Shepherd of Licaris and the Mugen of Sotiropoulos. A bit of rain delayed the finals, changing track conditions for many of the drivers. Despite the weather, Dimitriou made easy work of the field with a flawless run to win the overall.

Minor problems kept Licaris from his true potential, however, he managed an impressive second overall. XRAY completed the podium with Nikiforos finishing up third.

Final Results:

  1. Dimitriou – XRAY
  2. Licaris – Shepherd
  3. Nikiforos – XRAY
  4. Christodoulou – Mugen
  5. Sotiropoulos – Mugen
  6. Bratis – XRAY
  7. Kiritsis – Capricorn
  8. Kordas – XRAY
  9. Pilichos – Capricorn
  10. Papachristos – XRAY
  11. Amaksas – Mugen

Source: XRAY