Giuseppe D’Angelo snaps ups MT55 Trophy win


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The MT55 Trophy race was held at the beautiful Teverola 2.0 track in Italy. XRAY’s Mario Spiniello set TQ over Francesco Eboli. After a poor choice in tires, Spiniello fell to a fifth place finish in the final. Giuseppe D’Angelo took home the win with Generoso Mazza second, and Francesco Annunziata third.

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Final Results:

  1. Giuseppe D’Angelo
  2. Generoso Mazza (XRAY)
  3. Francesco Annunziata (XRAY)
  4. Vigneri Oscar (XRAY)
  5. Mario Spiniello (XRAY)
  6. Simone Peretti
  7. Francesco Eboli
  8. Marco Romano
  9. Giuseppe Esposito
  10. Antonio Di Prisco

Source: XRAY