Graham Alsop wraps up AWS Rd.1 win at Deerdale


Deer Dale Offroad

The AstroTurf Winter Series returns for another chilly season of racing in the UK. Round 1 kicked off this past weekend at Deerdale Off Road. Our pal and race organizer, Chris Jeffery, has shared a full race recap from icy day’s worth of exciting racing below:

Race Report by Chris Jeffery (AWS Organizer):

As daylight rose over the Deerdale Off Road track and with people steadily beginning to arrive, we all knew it was going to be a busy day, with a full meeting booked at 85 drivers and 92 entries. The morning was icy cold but thankfully dry and the track was in great shape, with the team at Deerdale Off Road putting in the time and effort into preparing the track.

After drivers briefing at 8:15am, we started racing straight away with the first car on the line by 8:25am. The track was damp initially, with top drivers doing no less than 44 second laps. The track dried out throughout the course of the day, which made it interesting with the gradual improvement of the lap times.

At the end of the first round we saw Deerdale regular Graham Alsop taking the TQ, with John Holmes second and Tony Truman taking third with only four seconds between them all for nitro buggy. E-Buggy was a similar story with Ashlee Owen taking TQ, with Daniel Austin taking second and with Michael “Heavyfoot” Lightfoot taking third. Ashlee Owen repeated his success with Truggy, taking TQ again, followed by Mark Kay and Rob Woodward taking second and third place respectively.

Deerdale Off Road

We went straight into round two, with no time to lose due to the poor daylight hours. There was a lot of good racing displayed during the second round, with the lap times starting to come down with the track drying out and the drivers getting used to the tracks layout. At the end of the second round we saw Graham Alsop taking TQ again for nitro buggy, with Tony Truman second and John Holmes third. In electric buggy we saw Ashlee Owen taking TQ again for the second time, with local boy Carlo DeMarco taking second and Dan Austin taking third. Ashlee’s winning streak continued with truggy, with Steve Alcock taking second with the first outing of his new electric truggy, and third was taken by Steve Morgan.

Again with no stopping we went straight into the third round of qualifying. With nitro buggy saw another local boy, John Holmes, taking TQ, with Dave Bailey second and Leigh Richardson taking third. E-buggy was similar story with Ashlee Owen taking TQ for the third time in a row, and Dan Austin getting back to second and again Michael “Heavyfoot” Lightfoot taking the third spot at the end of that round. Truggy was also very similar to the previous rounds with Ashlee Owen driving like a champ taking TQ in truggy again, with Michael Shorey second and Deerdale newcomer James Hargraves taking third.

The “A” Finals Results.


Nitro Buggy

  1. Graham Alsop
  2. John Holmes
  3. Tony Truman
  4. Dave Bailey
  5. Leigh Richardson
  6. Arron Girling
  7. Llody Bostock
  8. Richard Lowe
  9. Jonathan Skidmore
  10. Mark Boon



  1. Ashlee Owen
  2. Michael Shorey
  3. Mark Kay
  4. Steve Alcock
  5. Steve Morgan
  6. Rob Woodward
  7. Carl O’Connor
  8. James Hargreaves
  9. John Winter
  10. Martin Connolly



  1. Ashlee Owen
  2. Dan Austin
  3. Michael Lightfoot
  4. Carlo DeMarco
  5. Simon Smith
  6. Neil Bent
  7. John Vicars
  8. Tony Drabble
  9. Leigh Ricahrdson
  10. Steven Bond


Due to high numbers and lack of daylight, we had a very short break whist I sorted out the finals, and we started finals 10 minutes later. The finals ran one after the other with no stopping.

First out was the Nitro Buggy E Final, which saw Danny Rutterford taking the win after swapping and changing with Jordan Shelton throughout the whole race who came in at a respectable second. Mike Bradshaw come in third and local boy Kevin Armstrong came in forth. Three drivers got promoted to the D Final.

The second final was the E-Buggy B Final, which we saw Richard Metcalfe taking the win with Lee Gration in second place, Ben Doyle in third and Lee Woodward in forth. These drivers got promoted to the A Final. We then went straight into the Nitro Buggy D Final, with Tom Proir taking the win, followed by Jordan Shelton again, Mark Beattie and Danny Rutterford, all going up into the C Final. During the C Final we saw a lot of close racing, with Adam Hall taking the win with Will Skidmore second, Michael “Heavyfoot” Lightfoot third and Richard Greenough taking forth which advanced them into the B Final.

The B Final was a very close race with positions 1 to 7 all finishing on the same lap. But the race saw Graeme Miller taking the win with Adam Hall second, Kong McKenzie taking third and young Robson White taking the final bump up spot. At this stage we let the buggy’s calm down a little and went into the E-Buggy A Final, which was a great race to watch with some close and competitive racing to be seen from all. Carlo DeMarco took the win with Ashlee Owen second, Daniel Austin third and Neil “Bendy Boy” Bent taking forth place.

Time for my personal favourite, the Truggy A Final. After a good race, we saw Ashlee Owen taking the win by a full lap, with Michael Shorey taking second, Mark Kay third and Steve Alcock with his electric truggy taking fourth.  Finally we reached the Main Nitro Buggy final. After some extremely close racing we saw Graham Alsop taking the win by a full lap, followed by Tony Truman second, John Holmes in third and Dave Bailey in fourth place.

I would like that thank everyone for making Round One of AWS a very successful first meeting. It’s always good to have a strong start to a new series. I would like to thank all the drivers for coming out so early in a morning and getting yourselves out to your marshal points quickly. We finished the meeting right on time at 3.27pm, just as the light was starting to dim.

Special thanks to Liz for keeping us fed and watered throughout the day. Thanks goes out again to Deerdale Off Road for getting the track ready for us and helping with some aspects of the meeting. Special thanks goes out to our sponsors of the series; Matt Bridge with RacePace RC, Mick Butler with RC Bodies, and Modeltune. Thank you everyone and we will hopefully see you all at Round Two, taking place at NDOR on the 6th of December.