XRAY takes all but one at Slovakia Cup Rd.2



Round 2 of the popular Slovakia Cup was held at the world-famous HUDY Racing Arena this past weekend, gathering 85 drivers in a variety of onroad and offroad classes. As the race day came to a close, and the winners were crowned, XRAY went on to win the event in all classes but one.

v_podium buggy 2WD

2wd buggy

  1. Martin Bayer- Xray XB2
  2. Martin Wolanka- Xray XB2
  3. Aleš Bayer- Xray XB2
  4. Juraj Hudy- Xray XB2
  5. Adam Janovic

v_podium buggy 4WD

4wd buggy

  1. Martin Bayer-Xray XB4
  2. Martin Wolanka- Xray XB4
  3. Aleš Bayer- Xray XB4
  4. Milan Mudra- Xray XB4
  5. Juraj Hudy- Xray XB4

v_podium f1 (1)

Formula 21.5

  1. Martin Hudy- Xray X1
  2. Andrej Vnucko
  3. Martin Vejmelka- Xray X1
  4. Martin Havlicek
  5. Miro Hargas – Xray X1

v_podium pan12

2wd 1:12 Pancar

  1. Andrej Vnucko
  2. Tomas Liptak- Xray X12
  3. Igor Liptak- Xray X12
  4. Michal Adamski
  5. Vladimir Viskup

v_podium stock (2)

Stock 17.5 Touring Car

  1. Oliver Havranek- Xray T4-16
  2. Arkadiusz Smyk- XrayT4-16
  3. Tono Sloboda
  4. Michal Wojcik- Xray T4-16
  5. Branislav Panak- Xray-T4 16

v_podium pan10

2wd 1:10 Pancar

  1. Igor Liptak –Xray X10
  2. AndrejVnucko
  3. Rudo Kadlecik –Xray X10
  4. Miro Hargas- Xray X10

v_podium mod (3)

Modified Touring Car

  1. Martin Hudy- Xray T4-16
  2. David Nemcek- Xray T4-16
  3. Zdenko Kunak
  4. Oliver Havranek- Xray T4-16
  5. Mateusz Ogonovski