Tekno explains the new EB48 Super Light


Tekno Explained

Tekno RC is among one of the fastest growing platforms seen to hit the market in the past few years. What started as a brand based around creating electric conversions for existing nitro powered vehicles, has turned into a brand featuring their very own successful line of electric and nitro buggys and trucks. In the lineup, Tekno offers their popular EB48 and EB48SL (super light) electric 1/8 buggy kits.

Since the release of the EB48SL, Tekno has received a numerous amount of questions regarding the buggy, and today they are here to answer them all!

“We often have people ask us, what is the super light buggy? What is it about? Is it replacing the e-buggy as we know it? We have decided to make this article so we make things clear!”

What is the super light car?
Tekno RC EB48SL car is based on our very successful EB48 buggy. It is lighter, more nimble, more affordable, using the same electronics as the SCT410.3 truck, it is pure fun!

Is it here to replace the EB48.3 buggy?
The answer is simple, no. Super light buggies are a different class, they excel in different conditions compared to the EB48.3

What are the main advantages of the EB48 SL buggy?

  • 10th scale handling, 8th scale durability (that’s what we all want, right?).
  • Lower cost for electronics (SCT motor and ESC, 2s batteries).
  • Shares 90% of the SC410.3 parts.
  • Lighter and not as much power, safer on indoor tracks, less impact on the track surface.